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Obamacare, as with the silly left wing fantasy of ‘free’ government run health care, has an appointment with failure. Modeled after the UK’s failing National Health Service, Obamacare is guaranteed end up withthe same medical disasters as the NHS:

In an article for The Daily Telegraph, Andrew Lansley says the core values of the NHS are under threat as never before from a “financial crisis” that will see annual health spending double to £230 billion a year without urgent reform.

While insisting he would never privatise the NHS, Mr Lansley warns that its future as a universal service, available to all and free at the point of use will be at risk “within years” if radical change is blocked.

Sounds eerily familiar to the financial diagnosis for Medicare – the crumbling foundation underpinning Obamacare. The pathetic and sad truth is that, despite the politician’s claim to contrary, the salvation of NHS lies on the shoulder of private health care providers in the UK (where all people with money actually get their health care).

the Health Secretary’s article will be seen as a clear reaffirmation of his belief in the reforms, which would abolish two tiers of NHS management and allow GP-led consortia to decide whether to buy treatment from local state-run hospitals or private providers.

Is anyone going to believe treatment will be most cost effective from the management and bureaucracy heavy NHS hospitals – or the free market driven private providers? The guy can pretend all day long salvation is not coming from the free market, but without the option to save costs outside the NHS there would be no salvation.

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