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Bernie Sanders came into mini-Tuesday hoping for Michigan and Washington State to help him stay within closing distance of DNC favorite Joe Biden.  However, Bernie was crushed in Mississippi, Missouri and Michigan by the machine – not by Joe Biden.

Bernie was left with a possible 50/50 split in Washington State where over 125,000 voters mailed-in ballots for Elizabeth Warren (mailed prior to withdrawal), not accidental, all by Club design.  The Club is in control now, full control; and Biden is the malleable vessel the administrative state hopes to utilize to take control of all government function.

Bernie lost the heavily union influenced state of Michigan by over 200,000 votes (53/37); many of those union votes were against losing their Cadillac healthcare plans.  A stunning defeat for Senator Sanders in a state he narrowly carried in 2016. The losses in Mississippi (81 to 15) and Missouri (60 to 35) were by even wider proportions.

Michigan was a big loss because…. To make matters worse, Bernie Sanders now sees the Club has out maneuvered his last remaining hope.  Florida, Ohio, Illinois and Arizona all vote on March 17th.

Florida (219 delegates) is a lost cause.  ‘Fidel’ Sanders will likely see a similar outcome he received in Mississippi, no delegates.  Illinois (155 delegates), like Michigan, is under the full control of the Club – no viable hope.  Bernie’s road-map included Ohio (136 delegates), but the Club knee-capped him on that possibility; intentionally and smartly, by cancelling all indoor rallies under the auspices of Coronavirus.  That only leaves Arizona (67 delegates); but by then it’s likely too late, and the best possibility is another 50/50 split.

So Bernie Sanders campaign is done.

Hence, he never spoke last night as he absorbs exactly how best to play out his remaining political currency.

The only leverage Bernie Sanders carries now is the March 15th CNN debate in Arizona.

The DNC wants this contest over, & The Club does not want to see Joe Biden’s diminished mental acuity exposed.  This is the only remaining leverage for Bernie Sanders.

Again, The DNC Club is smart and they think ahead of the contingencies.  That’s why the CNN March 15th debate was modified in advance.  Current rules: no Arizona debate audience allowed; no media presence permitted; both candidates seated behind desks.  No stress to exhibit Biden’s diminished capacities.

Bernie could suspend or concede prior to the debate; or Bernie could concede during the debate; it matters not.  Bernie will concede.  The question is: will there be a debate?

Given the heavily controlled DNC/CNN format for the debate, the most likely scenario is:

Bernie concedes openly or privately this week and then The Club use the “debate” as a 90 minute infomercial to promote the Club’s interests.  Under this scenario Bernie and Joe will have a friendly fireside chat about policy to help heal the divisions.

It would be a 90 minute nationally televised PR opportunity for Bernie to exit while supporting The Club candidate.  The goal: to bring Bernie supporters into the Club.


There may not be a debate; however, the Club would likely not want to lose such an opportunity for a nationally televised healing event, and their media allies will push the unity narrative hard into the psyche of the young and impressionable Bernie supporters.

Following the script; and in a similar party alignment that we saw exhibited on Super Tuesday…. On March 17th Florida, Arizona, Ohio and Illinois will all vote for Joe Biden.  Georgia follows suit on March 24th, and it’s all downhill from there.

Bernie’s last remaining input will be to assist the Club with a few progressive elements for the convention platform, and a soft-landing for AOC+3 to avoid electoral backlash. Biden will not have any input into the Democrat platform for 2020, all of the handlers will take control now.

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