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by David Blackmon

So, Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts, which is no surprise given the rank jury intimidation engaged in by Democrat politicians, from the Minneapolis Mayor to members of congress and even to the Sock Puppet-in-Chief, who felt the need to weigh in and publicly demand a guilty verdict early on Tuesday. Of course, Biden probably thought he was talking about the OJ Simpson trial, but never mind, the message was sent to the un-sequestered jury, and the Democrat Party got its sacrificial lamb.
Thus, regardless of how we emotionally respond to the images of Chauvin holding his knee on George Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes until he expired – and they are indeed repugnant images – the fact of this case is that we now have a Minneapolis Police officer being convicted of 2nd and 3rd degree murder for doing his job exactly as he had been trained to do it by the Minneapolis Police Department.
So when we see the statistics of that Department having lost more than 20% of its officers over just the past year, we should not pretend to be surprised. And no one, least of all the Democrat politicians who run that city, should pretend to be surprised when that Department loses another 20% of its officers over the next 12 months or so. Nor should they be surprised when their Police Department finds it near-impossible to find qualified young people who are willing to join its ranks in the future.

This is the entirely predictable consequence of basing a trial of a police officer and the jury decision in that trial on pure emotion, rather than on the evidence at hand. The evidence at hand demonstrated pretty clearly that George Floyd, a life-long criminal with a history of beating his girlfriends and other violent behavior, was restrained by police as he was violently resisting arrest, and that Mr. Floyd died while in police custody of an overdose of fentanyl and other drugs that were in his system in great quantities at the time.
Did the pressure applied by Chauvin’s knee contribute to that death? Possibly, but that was far from proven beyond a reasonable doubt, which used to be the required threshold for a guilty conviction in the American court system. The threshold today appears to be whatever gangs of violent rioters and looters on the streets of our nation’s Democrat-run cities demand that it be.
America used to boast of being a nation of laws and not of men. Today’s America has devolved into a nation governed by emotions and mobs.

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