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By Thaddeus G. McCotter

In their latest entry in their litany of hypocrisy, the Democrats are trying assiduously to suppress the very opposition strategy they engaged in during the Trump Administration.

It is ironic, and in many instances unnecessary. By and large, Republicans and populists would never engage in many of these political tactics. Nevertheless, the Democrats are trying preemptively to extinguish a Republican-populist version of their “resistance” by using the execrable and rightly condemned Capitol riot as a pretext to equate legitimate “opposition” with treasonous “sedition.”

The Democrats’ “resistance” was no organic, spontaneous uprising. It was a well-orchestrated political operation. Knowing what they did to undermine the Trump Administration, the Democrats know what they must do to stop it from happening to them. In other words, there is a history lesson the Democrats are trying to rewrite.

It is now an established fact that before Trump’s inauguration in 2017, the Obama Administration spied on his campaign. (This should come as no surprise, as the Obama Administration had much earlier weaponized the police, surveillance, and taxing powers of the government against its political opponents.)

The Democrats launched a deceitful political operation between the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, Obama Administration officials, paid foreign actors, and a complicit media to smear Trump as a Russian stooge.

With the tacit consent of the Democrats, the leftist Green Party demanded recounts in closely contested states, which furthered the process of delegitimizing Trump’s election.

Democrats tried to convince Electoral College members to change their votes despite their state’s popular tallies.

Democrats in the Congress—not for the first time—objected to the Electoral College results’ certification.

Democrats protested—not always peacefully—before, during, and after Trump’s inauguration. Some 60 Democrat members of Congress boycotted the 2017 inauguration of President Trump.

“DIY” articles were published about how career bureaucrats and holdover Obama appointees in the federal government could and should subvert Trump policies. This was accompanied by former Obama officials—who attempted to wield the (unconstitutional) Logan Act as a cudgel against Trump supporters—meeting with foreign leaders to undermine Trump’s policies.

Democrats doxxed members of the Trump Administration and congressional Republicans. They urged their supporters to confront administration officials in public and at their homes. These tactics continued even after a Bernie Sanders supporter fired upon and wounded congressional Republicans on a Virginia baseball field.

Democrats in and out of the government leaked reams of disinformation to a complicit media to weaponize and further propagate the lie that Trump was a traitor and a Russian asset.

These leaks—many of them illegal—helped proselytize the Russiagate lie to undermine the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency, administration, supporters, and congressional Republican allies. The lie ultimately spawned Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s appointment to harass the administration further.

The Democrats orchestrated a sham impeachment over a phone call alleging Trump had tried to do what then-Vice President Biden actually had done.

The Democrats stoked the flames of unrest with inflammatory language; rationalized away and stood down during the looting, arson, and violence of the summer; and aided and abetted arrested protestors and rioters by establishing bail funds—that is, if leftist prosecutors hadn’t already refused to charge them in the first place.

The Democrats’ Russiagate lies, as well as their encouragement, incitement, and tortuous “justifications” for Black Lives Matter and Antifa’s ongoing, “mostly peaceful” riots, were communicated without comment by Big Tech, who were more than happy to facilitate the delegitimizing of the Trump presidency and administration.

Big Tech—notably through Mark Zuckerberg’s left-wing Center for Tech and Civic Life—offered “grants” to state secretaries of state and local clerks if they would implement electoral “reforms” the Democrats have long wanted. In accepting these grants with these strings—often citing the pandemic as an excuse, arbitrarily and without the legal authority to adopt them—these Democratic elected officials in effect leased their offices to the highest bidder, a left-wing Big Tech billionaire’s cronies; and, thus, undermined public confidence in the fairness of our elections.

Democrats, armed with the vast majority of Big Tech, Wall Street, and corporate contributions, were able to dominate the airwaves, while the media colluded with leftist “fact-checkers” to target, tag, and censor Trump and GOP campaign ads. Worse, they censored and/or lied about stories detrimental to Biden’s electoral prospects.

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