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The Trump directed Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS is known shortly as the acronym “D-ISIS”.

Though the media never reported on it much, you might remember immediately after taking office President Trump announced an immediate call for an international summit in Washington DC specifically purposed toreaddress the Global Coalition and give the alliance specific focus toward the international defeat of ISIS.

In response to that call by President Trump, 68 nations traveled to Washington DC in late March to join together in an agreement of approach to eliminate ISIS.  Led by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis, that summit was the formation of the 2017 “D-ISIS” strategy. All 68 nations signed on to the united effort; everyone was on the same page.  Again, the media coverage was scant to non-existent.

Since their summit, the “D-ISIS” alliance members have been crushing ISIS strongholds in Iraq and Syria.  Almost all regional leadership of ISIS has been killed, including the head of ISIS, Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The D-ISIS coalition forces took the approach to encircle ISIS strongholds so they could wipe out ISIS; and not just defeat them.  The goal was to prevent any retreat or escape  strategy where the extremist ideology could possibly reformulate later on.  The strategy, while harsh, has been intensely successful.

With the liberation of Mosul, and the ISIS extremists being wiped out from their strongest holding in Iraq, U.S. President Trump’s Special Envoy Brett McGurk gives a press conference to explain. 

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