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Victor Davis Hanson said Tuesday that Americans will increasingly reject a “one-size-fits-all” approach that keeps the economy shut down in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“Just three states: Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey account for about 55 percent of all the [coronavirus-related] deaths and, yet, they only have about 11 percent of the population,” the senior fellow at the Hoover Institution told “Ingraham Angle.”

Hanson said that, on the other hand, California, Texas and Florida account for 30 percent of the United States population, but have far fewer deaths.

“They’re just radically different situations and this one-size-fits-all just doesn’t work … We need to focus on [Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey] and ask ourselves why 11 or 12 percent of the population has suffered 55 percent of the fatalities. Is it the weather? Population density? Is it elevators or subways?”

Meanwhile, California borrowed $348 million after receiving approval to use up to $10 billion in federal funds until the end of July, a Treasury Department spokesman told The Wall Street Journal on Monday.

California, who would boast the world’s fifth-largest economy if it was an independent nation, has been hit hard economically by the coronavirus pandemic. About 3.7 million people have filed unemployment claims in the state since mid-March.

There is also mounting pressure on Gov. Newsom to relax the state’s stay-at-home orders and reopen parts of the economy.

Davis, speaking from his California home, said that the “credentialed class” has been wrong on masks, antibody testing, and “almost everything” when it comes to predicting how the virus would affect the country.

“And the people have lost confidence because they do not address these basic practical questions that they want answers for.”

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