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It’s not exactly breaking news when AOC says something indefensible, but she outdid herself in an Instagram video last night by calling U.S. immigration facilities at the border “concentration camps”:

Her defense was that “concentration camps” is a simply a term for facilities holding masses of people without trial. But it’s obviously pejorative, and she made it clear what she meant during the video when she invoked the phrase “never again.”

This is a ridiculous smear at every level: We obviously aren’t rounding up people and sending them to these camps, but temporarily holding people who are coming over the border illegally of their own volition. Yes, the facilities are badly over-taxed, but Congress could alleviate the situation immediately by appropriating more resources. The  migrants aren’t being held in the absence of due process, but in many cases at the beginning of a long asylum process. Finally, they aren’t being held for the duration, but are released into the country in fairly short order, likely never to be removed.

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