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Thread by APhilosphea:

The coming global crisis will not have a single cause. This will be a multifactorial event whose causes will have interacted for such a length of time, and in such a specific way as to cause what may be the largest international crash in history.
We have inflated asset prices. This means we are looking at a potential housing bubble. We also have corporations and investment firms of global scale buying up housing by the entire neighborhood PRIOR to the crash.
This means people will be poorer at the outset of this crash because they will own less and have less equity. Their only choice afterward may very well be renting from Blackrock, Blackstone, or some other Globo-Corp.
Bonds are also spiraling. We’re currently facing the worst bond drawdown in history as the global bond market dumped $2.6Trillion based on the Bloomberg Global Aggregate Bond Index. The drawdown has now edged past the 10.8% drop in the global bond index during the 2008 crisis.
We have excessive and foolish leverage practices across the financial system and global economy as a whole. This means heavy borrowing at risk without proper grounding. The time of reckless money is coming to an end in the next 18-24 months.
We have a Mainstreet-Wallstreet regulatory mismatch that allows for corporate existence to flourish while strangling out the everyday business person

This is to say we have both onerous financial regulations that prevent safe, ground-level growth in the Mainstreet economy, AND lax financial regulation of Wallstreet in that regulators perform their regulatory duties extremely poorly and in a politicized way (regulatory capture) when monitoring the larger, more complex Wallstreet economy.
We have record setting 40-year high inflation. The CPI just hit 8.5% and while not showing signs of actually slowing, all reporting agencies are already claiming the worst is over and the economy will improve from here forward.
Among the developed economies, the United States CPI inflation is on top. You have to go to Brazil or Russia to get more inflation.
We’ve seen 40% of the entire money supply printed in the past 2 years and to this day the money printers go BRRRrrrrrrrr. During all of that interest rates were at 0% for+ that 2 years which promoted further recklessness from the fed and everyone scrapping for handouts.
The wage-price spiral has kicked in, and trillions of dollars in excess liquidity from the money-printing binge, and from the federal government giveaways, are still floating around among businesses, state governments, and consumers, and they’re going to spend this money.
We have continued stumbling in the global just-in-time supply chain that hasn’t been as steady as it was prior to the first March 2020 global shutdown. Raw materials are in short supply, international relations are shifting, and geopolitical realignment is occurring.
We are seeing grain, wheat, and other food stuffs facing massive shortages due to war and mismanagement that will affect globally nations of various sizes and scale. Those poorest when it all comes down will starve first. The rest of us may starve later.
Oil and gas are high in cost and instead of ramping up global production, we are limiting production in hope to force growth in an uncertain “Green” economy that has neither proven itself able to stand up without massive government support, nor has it proven itself capable of producing enough energy to meet global demand even when viewing production through scale.
We’re seeing a system that isn’t yet ready and may not be capable of meeting global energy needs supplant something of value that is capable if only it were allowed to be.
We have an educational system that is producing less and less capable westerners, specifically Americans. We are replacing STEM careers and the trades with ideological teachings like gender studies and the Maoist-based Critical Race Theory.
Birth rates in the US are declining and have been for several decades. As population declines, the ability to meet global demand only worsens. This will persist as material wants will exceed available productive resources.

And then you get to media and the lack of insight people have into what is actually going on in the world around them every day. People tend to believe one of two contrived narratives, both of which are falsely produced by legacy outlets.
An uninformed populace is vital when looking towards tyranny. Educated and informed citizenry are required of any people wishing to be free and capable of self-government. The likelihood that we enter post-realignment as free as we are today is zero.
We’ve already lost significant freedoms, trialed lockdowns, jailed those who don’t obey political narratives, and practiced ourselves in the ostracization of those that are said to be “other” by our leading figures in government and press.
The coming crash may end up being a perfect storm. It may be just what is needed for global government to be realized by those who would seek the further centralization of power.
Be Kind To Your Neighbors.


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