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Hillary Clinton’s former campaign spokesman said Clinton “may have known” that her campaign was behind the funding of the infamous dossier linking the Trump campaign to the Russian government.

Brian Fallon, who is now a CNN contributor, said Wednesday that he did not know that they were funding the dossier prior to a bombshell report by the Washington Post. However, he said he did not know if Hillary Clinton was aware that her campaign and the DNC were paying Fusion GPS to produce the document.

“I don’t know,” Fallon said when asked if Hillary Clinton knew about the funding. “I haven’t spoken to her.”

CNN’s Poppy Harlow pressed onward, asking, “shouldn’t she have known?”

“Well, I mean, she may have known,” he clarified. “The degree of exactly what she knew is beyond my knowledge… I mean she may or may not have been aware of that level of detail. I don’t know.”

Video at the link

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