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After 8 years as Senator and four as SoS, she’s not “sophisticated”

FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers on Thursday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was not particularly “sophisticated” when it came to the treatment of classified information, despite the high level of sensitivity involved in her role.

During an exchange with Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), Comey responded to multiple questions pertaining to Clinton’s awareness of classified information being sent and received on personal devices through her private email server.

“In most circumstances initiated with aides starting a conversation, in the one involving top-secret information, Secretary Clinton not only received but also sent emails that talked about the same subject,” Comey said.

DeSantis pressed, “And of that top secret information that you found, would somebody who was sophisticated in those matters, should it have been obvious to them that that was very sensitive information?”

Comey affirmed that was the case, also asserting that Clinton signed the relevant FBI documents acknowledging her responsibility to safeguard the classified information.


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