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The damage to the American political system and the governmental process from the Russia Hoax is enormous. And it is ongoing. The incomprehensible decision by President Obama to deliberately unleash the power of the intelligence community and DOJ against Donald Trump has done more damage to America than the Russians ever could. (Rosenstein Lashes Out at Obama and the Media, Defends Trump in First Remarks Since Mueller Report)

The sheer audacity of Hillary Clinton to act like the election was stolen from her is appalling. Especially when she was the central figure in the biggest political crime of the century. Concocting, paying for and using the Steele Dossier as a weapon against Trump.

Using John Brennan and James Comey to inject it into the very heart of the political process.

A criminal conspiracy against Trump

Creating a phony Russia collusion narrative around Trump when Clinton was the one working with the Russians. Completely usurping the integrity of the FISA court process. Conspiring with the FBI in opening a counterintelligence operation against the Republican Presidential nominee based on the phony Steele dossier.

But what Obama and Brennan and Clinton and Clapper and Comey were doing goes much deeper than this.

Among all the other abuses of power, it is hard to imagine what would compel senior members of the government, including the outgoing President of the United States, to sabotage and mount a coup d’etat against the incoming President.

But that is what they were willing to do to keep other crimes and another coverup under wraps.

Obama spying on Americans from 2012 to 1016

From 2012 to 2016 the Obama administration was using NSA’s most advanced surveillance systems, including PRISM, using access to raw data under illegal FISA 702 authority to spy on a number of prominent Republicans and political opponents. Not only highly illegal. It is a total corruption of the surveillance system and the civil rights of all Americans.

Nonetheless, James Comey allowed three contractors unlimited access to these databases to make inquiries about American citizens.

Comey shares the information with John Brennan and James Clapper, and with the White House.  Let that sink in. Obama was spying on anyone he wanted to for four years.

NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers shut off access to the programs in April of 2016. He advised the FISA Court of the abuses of authority in October of 2016. Rogers briefed President-elect Trump the week after the election. He is the one true hero in this whole sordid affair. But the damage has been done.

The Coup d’Etat shifts into overdrive

A deliberate strategy to spy on and undermine Trump morphed incredibly into a collective attempt to destroy and remove him from office. So for three years, Hillary Clinton has been deliberately pushing the narrative of Trump and Russian collusion.

Since well before the election.

People act like Hillary didn’t know what was happening with the Steele dossier. For God’s sake, she created it. She deployed it.

Hillary coordinated its use in the biggest political scandal in American history. The damage to America and our political process is incalculable. But she is a sociopath, so she doesn’t care.

The fact that Clinton and Brennan and Comey and Clapper and McCabe are still out publicly trying to eviscerate President Trump is proof of their delusional sense of entitlement in the face of their incontrovertible guilt.

The antics of all of them went from completely unseemly to deeply disturbing a long time ago.

The coup attempt and the damage done

Comey said just last week that he still thinks the Russians could have something on Trump. Unrelenting disinformation from the disgraced former FBI Director. Andrew McCabe says on 60 minutes that Trump could still be a Russian agent. As if the Mueller report never existed.

Then they all blame Trump for what is happening to America. This whole charade. The whole scam lands at the feet of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Brennan James Clapper, and James Comey. They are the ones who created this hoax, deployed it in spades, and are sticking by it as they go down in flames. Because a reckoning is coming.

Look at the damage they have caused. President Trump has operated under a cloud for the first two years of his Presidency. He has been undercut at home and abroad by irresponsible McCarthyite charges of treason.

A capital offense.

He has faced a deliberate coordinated coup d’etat from the highest ranking officials of the intelligence community from the previous administration. It is unthinkable.

Casualties of the Russia Hoax

Our relationships with Russia and China have been deliberately saddle-bagged by the Mueller inquisition. Trump was never accorded the respect of a newly elected President. The vicious assaults on him from official quarters and the press was unprecedented. Our relations have suffered accordingly.

How much could have been accomplished by Trump and America without this distraction? Has China been reticent to reach a free trade agreement when they think they can just wait Trump out? How does deliberately weakening Trump make our position with Russia stronger? It deliberately hampers it.

Mainstream mouthpieces for the Democrat party

Among the casualties is the collaborator press and mainstream media that spoon fed the Russia Hoax to the American public, knowing it was a lie. CNN and MSNBC are mouthpieces for Clapper, Brennan and the Democrat party.

They don’t even bother denying it. It is right there on the TV every single stinking night.

Imagine the CIA Director and heads of intelligence and the FBI assaulting any other President on a nightly basis. What they did is turn the government of the United States into a third world banana republic. They created a catastrophe for America. A debacle. A mockery of Democracy.

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