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How risky are the mRNA Covid shots from Pfizer and Moderna?

The short answer is: vaccine fanatics don’t want to know. They attack anyone who questions even obvious post-jab deaths – the “#DiedSuddenly” cardiovascular deaths in healthy people under 50.

But South Korean researchers just offered powerful evidence that the #DiedSuddenly phenomenon is real. The researchers reported on sudden deaths from mRNA-caused myocarditis in people under 45. Even though seven deaths came within three days of the jabs, none were linked before autopsies.

And the Korean researchers were not alone. Two previous and until now unreported studies offer even stronger evidence that the mRNAs caused thousands of sudden or very quick deaths from cardiovascular catastrophes in people under 50.

Both studies were published months ago in respected, peer-reviewed journals but have received little attention. Not surprisingly, both were conducted by researchers outside the United States, where questions about mRNA dangers are nearly taboo for academic researchers.

In the first study, the associate director of the Tokyo Medical Examiner’s Office led a team of pathologists who conducted 54 autopsies on adults who had died within 7 days of receiving a Covid jab.

They assessed causality strictly but still found a possible link between the mRNAs and seven of the deaths, including a huge cerebral hemorrhage in a 52-year-old man with no other serious health problems.

Put another way, the pathologists found about one in eight post-jab deaths they examined might be related to the shots.

Even more striking was the fact that the pathologists found myocarditis – likely from mRNA jabs – as the underlying cause of death in two out of the three deaths under age 40. (The third case under 40 also had some evidence of cardiac inflammation, but the pathologists said the link was uncertain.)

“The Japanese death investigation system needs to be reinforced to adequately evaluate causal relationships between death and vaccination,” the researchers wrote in the paper, which was published in the November 2022 edition of Legal Medicine.

(Here a lymphocyte, there a lymphocyte, everywhere a lymphocyte…)


The second paper is even more striking, though it has received even less attention and been cited only once since it came out in January. Researchers in the Persian Gulf nation of Qatar reviewed each of the 138 deaths that had occurred in Qatar within 30 days of Covid vaccination from January 2021 through June 2022.

While the Japanese researchers had performed full autopsies, the Qataris used medical record reviews, a less labor-intensive way of assigning causation. But like the Japanese pathologists, the Qatar researchers also found many apparent mRNA deaths.

Using very strict criteria and including only deaths within 15 days of vaccination, the researchers classified 23 of the deaths as having a high or intermediate probability of being vaccine-caused. All 23 were sudden cardiac deaths or heart attacks. Nearly all occurred in people in under 50.

About 2.3 million people in Qatar were jabbed, so those 23 deaths represented a 1 in 100,000 risk of sudden death within 15 days of vaccine administration.

The researchers also ran a second review using somewhat less strict criteria and found that 48 of the deaths could be classified as having a “high” or “intermediate” probability of being vaccine-caused.

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