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Today was a truly epic day for Fake News from our very professional, very conscientious professional press corps which would never lie to us or pump out clickbait lies for money to save their dying industry.

A NYTimes “reporter” accuses Dan Crenshaw of not voting for a 9/11 victims compensation bill. Then questions his patriotism.

Because New York Times reporters are known for their selfless patriotism and love of country.

That’s an x-ray of the shrapnel that took one of Dan Crenshaw’s eyes when he was out there not being a patriot in the US armed forces.

The “reporter” then deleted the evidence of his error without offering an apology, and in fact trying to explain why he was right, from a certain point of view:


How much did they spend?

Oh yeah, right: All combined, they spent less than foreign governments or foreign banks gave to Hillary or Bill Clinton for a single “speech.” (Read: Access to the levers of American political power.)

Next: If you like your scandal-free administration, you can keep your scandal-free administration:

No negative commentary or fact-check from the Hill on that. How interesting.

Next: The proudly ignorant press corps, a group of arrogant, uneducated know-nothings, dog-pile Trump for complaining that farmers can’t connect tractors to the internet.

How silly!

Other journalists pounced:

Did not a one of them think to do a quick google search before proudly displaying their pathetic ignorance?

Because if they had, they would have seen that, as can be guessed at proceeding from the example of autonomous cars and GPS, that in fact tractors can be connected to the internet, where software management increases efficiency of harvest:

They should have guessed that, or at least suspected it.

This is obvious. If you’d asked me, without context, “Are tractors now often connected to the internet?,” without knowing a thing, but just based upon what I know about everything else being connected, I would have said, “Yes, probably. Most likely.”

These people live on the internet — are they not aware that most machines are now connectable to the internet?

And the joke newspaper, The Hill, Vox Written By People Who Should Know Better, strikes again. This time, they claim that Trump is sending illegal immigrants to a site that was once used as an internment camp in World War II.

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