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by Sundance

When we are intellectually honest with each other, we accept the traditional Republican apparatus has always been in favor of Wall Street interests, multinational corporations, multination trade agreements, offshoring jobs, overseas manufacturing, open borders to provide endless supplies of unskilled service workers to fulfill their affluent needs, and, in the most general sense, economically no different than the traditional Democrat apparatus.   After all, both wings of the DC UniParty feed from the same trough.
The counter economic position to this multinational system has always been the America First outlook.  An economic outlook that puts the U.S. worker at the heart of policy. Perhaps encapsulated by saying ‘Main Street over Wall Street’ etc.
It was also the economics of the thing that created the Bernie Bros (Bernie Sanders) and the MAGA team (Donald Trump) commonality.
As a result, the Big Club distraction and distinction game has always been played on the field of social issues.  Social issues continually used as a wedge to keep the working class from recognizing their common assembly.
Skilled politicians, those tenured in the ways of the club power retention, play up the social stuff publicly, while both wings of the UniParty give a wink and a nod to each other as they pass through the halls.  The “reach across the aisle” code of Omerta exists.
I have no idea how the pragmatic and angered view of President Trump, with full intent to fracture this UniParty apparatus, is going to play out.  Fighting both enemies simultaneously has proven to be a massive whac-a-mole undertaking. However, that said, what is abundantly clear is the reassembly of the group trying desperately to block the populist upheaval.
The Multinational corporations are all-in within the process of this inverted Fascism. Corporations now determining the political agenda, and it’s not just here in the United States.  We are seeing in in North America, Great Britain and throughout Europe.  The larger “western democracy” assembly is expanding the corporate dynamic, while media run cover for the totality of modern expansion.
Specifically in the United States, we can clearly see the K-Street multinational lobbying groups trying to exploit the outcome of a midterm election they helped construct.

(Politico) The conservative Club for Growth is sending a warning shot at former President Donald Trump on the eve of his expected 2024 campaign launch — and indicating it might back his chief potential rival, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. […] provided POLITICO with a polling memo showing the former president trailing DeSantis by double digits in one-on-one matchups in Iowa and New Hampshire. (read more)

The transparency of the timing, amid an election outcome they helped create, is remarkable.
The CfG corporate folks are not good people, and CTH will battle them at every level as we have every moment in the past decade.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is not my/our enemy; however, if he aligns his political interests with the attempted refooting of the multinationals in the Republican party, then he has made a choice.
I am not going to draw a distinction between a group of multinational corporations who wants to diminish Main Street USA, and a potential ally who would align with them for political convenience.  Pick up a weapon from inside the multinational armory and you become an America First enemy.
Align with The Big Club, and you are aligned with The Big Club.
Align with The Big Club, and you have chosen to align with The Big Club.

Business Insider) – Plans for a Super PAC supporting a Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis presidential run are back on after a weak showing for former President Donald Trump’s favored candidates.
This is a reversal from just a few months ago. GOP strategist John Thomas, who is leading the soon-to-be unveiled super PAC called Ron to the Rescue, told Insider in August that DeSantis should not run for president against Trump. He’d even paused plans for the super PAC this summer after the primaries, in which Trump’s endorsed candidates did well. Trump, apparently pleased, shared the Insider interview on Truth Social.
But Thomas, founder and president of the political advertising and strategy group Thomas Partners Strategies, told Insider on Friday that the midterms have reset the calculus. Even in August, he’d said the one caveat for DeSantis pursuing a 2024 presidential run would be poor performance for Trump-favored Republicans in the midterms.
That caveat became reality on Tuesday. In addition to Trump’s weak showing, DeSantis won Florida by a historic, nearly 20-point margin that Thomas called “the perfect cascading of events politically for the governor.” Now, Thomas told Insider, his plans for the Super PAC are back on “full throttle with seven-figure gifts” and the group is ready to “get this show on the road.” (read more)

A presidential Super PAC does not exist without the approval of the candidate who it represents.
“Ron to the Rescue” does not exist without the group representing the interests contacting the people in/around Ron for approval of the creation.

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