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By Ben Weingarten

Given the grave threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), especially near an election and in an era in which fears of foreign influence are at an all-time high, one might think revelations about the family of Democratic nominee Joe Biden cashing in on Communist China while he was vice president might be a “big [expletive] deal,” in the cellar-dwelling candidate’s words.

Yet the media and political class have completely blacked out these newly released facts. This was on display during the first presidential debate when Biden and moderator Chris Wallace called a “lid” on it.

Biden Family Secrets Exposed

The joint Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and Finance Committee report on Hunter Biden’s business dealings with foreign powers, and their relation to U.S. government policy during the Obama-Biden administration, states the following:

Hunter Biden has extensive connections to Chinese businesses and Chinese foreign nationals that are linked to the Communist government. Those contacts bore financial fruit when his father was vice president and after he left office.

These ties went beyond the former vice president’s son. The report adds: “The records acquired by the Committees show consistent, significant and extensive financial connections among and between Hunter Biden, James Biden, Sara Biden … and Chinese nationals connected to the Communist regime and PLA as well as other foreign nationals with questionable backgrounds.”

The joint investigation details a stunning array of transactions that “paint a mosaic of the complex corporate structure that existed between entities linked to Hunter Biden, his associates, and his family and Chinese companies linked to the Communist government.” Many of the transactions were flagged for “potential financial criminal activity.” Such activity enriched Hunter Biden to the tune of millions of dollars.

As vice president of the United States, Joe Biden had an absolute obligation to know what his family members were up to, disclose it, and end it. This is not just because of the potential for corruption, but the myriad ways his family’s acts could imperil American national security. Indeed, as the report concludes, the dealings between the Biden family and China don’t merely “raise conflicts of interest concerns, they raise criminal financial, counterintelligence and extortion concerns.”

A Free Pass from Democrats and the Media

The unseemly reality of Hunter Biden enriching himself through positions for which he appears to lack any qualification other than his family name is the least of the issues here. Far more significant is that the loved ones of a high-ranking politician had deep financial interests with foreign adversaries, presenting a nightmare scenario in terms of the potential for exploitation.

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