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If you are skeptical the Russians could influence our politics, look how easily North Korea is influencing our media.

CNN, ABC News, Reuters, the New York Times, and more have all run flattering portraits of various aspects of North Korea over the weekend. Some flattered the North Korean dictator’s sister. One called her the “Ivanka Trump of North Korea.” Others praised the North Korean cheerleaders who are no doubt forced to practice at gun point in their home country. Most all of them relished the juxtaposition of the North Korean monster next to Mike Pence.

An American media that willfully buys into North Korean propaganda does more to discredit itself than Donald Trump could ever do. The media should, in fact, stay silent about Donald Trump’s attacks on the press when the press is so willing to be used to further the interests of a murderous totalitarian regime that starves its own people. 

I cannot, in family friendly terms, fully register my disgust with the behavior of American media outlets and their willingness to pass off North Korean propaganda as news.

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