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by James Howard Kunstler

Let’s get something straight: the Woked-up Jacobin Party of Chaos is not really worried about “mis-and-disinformation,” it’s just afraid of information. Only a tyrannical regime would work so hard and complain so loudly about opposing ideas entering the public arena as to brand them inadmissible. Apparently, that formula also applies to election results, an elemental kind of information bound to determine whether censorship will continue to be the order-of-the-day or not.
The stalling of election results also allows for wholesale correction of results that don’t come in as desired. At a certain threshold, the Marc Elias Lawfare-sponsored ballot-harvesting machinery kicks in and, voila, ten thousand or so mail-in ballots appear courtesy of, say, the Culinary Workers Union in Nevada, and… problem solved! The correct candidates win! My guess is that this happened in other select districts all over the USA. Will it be detected and looked into? Probably not. That would be election denial, a toxic reservoir of “disinformation.”
Which is why the Arizona governor’s race, where the dynamic Kari Lake (R) ran against the inert and corrupt Katie Hobbs (D), is so interesting.  Maricopa County, the second-largest election district in the USA, has dribbled out the results all week to make sure it looked like Ms. Lake was losing, while Democratic Party activists scrambled to generate more early mail-in ballots to make sure that Ms. Lake does lose, if at all possible. Either way, it may not go down so easily. If she wins, Ms. Lake will do everything possible to reform the sketchy Arizona election laws; if she loses, she is prepared to sue the living shit out of Maricopa County election officials and Katie Hobbs — whose position as AZ Secretary of State left her in charge of an election she ran in, and all the machinery behind it.
The post-election mood across America is labile and incendiary. So-called Red America, the opposition to Woke Jacobin tyranny, smolders in fury facing two more years of censorship, war-mongering, FBI-DOJ-IRS persecution, “vaccine” fuckery, economic breakdown, and the WEF-inspired killing-off of Western Civilization. Blue America, personified by the smugly sclerotic “Joe Biden,” ghoulishly salivates over the dying carcass of the country it intends to devour. Between the two factions there is no space for the normal operation of politics — the contest of ideas about running human affairs — especially with the public arena of ideas in Woke lockdown.
Yet, events look like they are out-pacing whatever the mood is on any side. So many crises are already underway threatening to upend everyday life that neither Red or Blue Americans will escape hardship and damage.
The on-the-ground economy has imploded. Inflation is for-real and crushes the country’s standard-of-living. Before long, it may shift into deflation, which means instead of having a lot of money losing value, you’ll have no money at all. Rising interest rates killed off the real estate part of the Everything Bubble, and the building, selling, and remodeling of houses has been locus of the few remaining good-paying jobs. The car industry is dying under several forms of stress: steeply rising unit prices, a strapped middle-class, growing scarcity of capital for lending, broken supply lines for vehicle inventory and parts, and the insane “green” crusade to make all motoring electric. Even fixing things of value — existing houses, cars, machinery in general — becomes increasingly impossible when nobody can get the replacement parts to work with.
For a hundred years we’ve been an economy running on fossil fuels, especially oil. In America, it made for an orgy of suburban expansion and “consumerism” (buying lots and lots of stuff). The business model for getting oil out of the ground, refining it, and distributing it, is broken and unlikely to get fixed. The global relations that balanced supply between the oil-rich nations and the oil-poor ones was smashed with our stupid sanctions against Russia and the unnecessary antagonism of Saudi Arabia by “Joe Biden” & Company. America has a lot of shale oil in the ground, but it’s at best marginally economical to get at. “Joe Biden” has promised to destroy all the fossil fuel industries, and if you take him at his word, that means the natgas sector too. Half of America thinks it’s going “green.” No, it’s going broke. It also happens that America has about a three-week reserve of diesel fuel. Trucks and all other heavy vehicles have to run on diesel. Without them, nothing moves from Point A to Point B, including food, and America goes hungry.

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