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Stanley Kurtz @ NRO:

So here’s Obama proudly advertising his relationship with Reverend Wright, and even imitating Wright’s divisive rhetoric on Katrina. Is anyone surprised? Essentially, every excuse Obama used to explain away his relationship with Reverend Wright during campaign 2008 was a lie. But we already knew that.

We also see here that Obama doesn’t want to build more highways out in the suburbs. That’s news to most, and there’s a lot more going on in that line than racial code. Obama’s hostility to suburbs stands behind some of his most transformative, yet least well-known, policy initiatives. To this very left-leaning president, the trouble with suburbs is ultimately a matter of class, not race. At any rate, suburban swing voters ought to wake up to Obama’s anti-suburban policies before they reelect a president who plans some very nasty surprises for them in his second term.

In a way, however, the most interesting thing about this video is the juxtaposition of Obama’s attack on Bush-era deficits with his interminable laundry list of big-government “investments,” all of which can supposedly be made at a savings to the taxpayer. Those promises ought to have been recognized as too-good-to-be-true in 2007, much less today, as Obama’s deficit grows at an unheard of rate.

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