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There weren’t many antifa at the so-called “Storming of the Capitol.” Sure, there was at least one antifa/BLM agent provocateur who encouraged people to illegally enter the Capitol, yelling “Let’s burn it down!,” but let’s not count him. The media and the Uniparty sure doesn’t!

At every single gathering of non-leftist protesters, whether the Proud Boys or what have you, antifa always comes out to attack the protesters.

“Counterprotesting,” they call these assaults. “Engaging in first-amendment protected activity,” the DOJ recently called it, to explain why the Proud Boys were being targeted but antifa wasn’t.

But there weren’t any sizable protests on January 6th.

Why not?

Well, that article in Time explaining how the left, and their Quisling partners on the pseudoright and in corporate America, rigged the election, it’s explained why there wasn’t an army of antifa and BLM protesters at the Capitol.

It’s because the so-called “Architect” of the conspiracy saw the prize within his grasp, but realized that Trump could benefit if antifa showed up and started beating on peaceful protesters. (Remember: the vast majority were perfectly peaceful and the non-peaceful events didn’t occur until later in the day.)

So this “Architect,” and other influential voices on the left, told their antifa and BLM paramilitaries to stand down.

And antifa and BLM obeyed the orders.

There was one last milestone on Podhorzer’s mind: Jan. 6. On the day Congress would meet to tally the electoral count, Trump summoned his supporters to D.C. for a rally.

Much to their surprise, the thousands who answered his call were met by virtually no counterdemonstrators. To preserve safety and ensure they couldn’t be blamed for any mayhem, the activist left was “strenuously discouraging counter activity,” Podhorzer texted me the morning of Jan. 6, with a crossed-fingers emoji.

This establishes several things. First, despite what the organized establishment left says, they do in fact have great influence over antifa and BLM rioters, looters, and killers, and maybe sometimes outright control over them.

Bear in mind, antifa can only do what it does because it has an army of pre-paid lawyers to get them out of jail. The institutional left forks over the money for those lawyers, and seems to control them.

So when the left says “Don’t show up,” antifa and BLM know that could mean… no bail, lots of jail.

Bonhomme also notes:

To expand on this, the places we’re seeing a lot of antifa activity also have DAs who refuse to prosecute. Portland’s DA for example lets these people out faster than cops can collect them.

Right. So again, when the institutional left says “Don’t riot,” they can enforce their orders.

This incident demonstrates that despite Official Claims from the Democrats and the institutional left, the institutional left does in fact control antifa. Antifa and BLM are

This also demonstrates that for eight months in 2020, the institutional left did NOT tell antifa and BLM to stop rioting.

Notice antifa and BLM rioted throughout the summer and into the fall, but stopped just one month before the election.

And then began rioting again directly after the election.

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