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by Kurt Schlichter

Back in the day, the meetings of the Communist Party and the KKK were distinguished by two things – first, how similar what was being said was to today’s Democrat Party dogma, and second, that half the people in the audience (and on-stage) were working for the FBI. But chasing commies and hood-wearing Dems is out of fashion, and things like figuring out the motive behind a guy who drools over Maddow and comes to a softball diamond with a rifle and a list of Republicans is too hard. Today, you are the target because you oppose the regime, and you are a target because you are law-abiding, and honest, and at some level you still cannot imagine your own government has you in its sights merely for trying to work for political change.
But it does.
Today, it’s open season on the *dministration’s political opponents instead of on actual criminals, so there’s about a 100% chance that the foam-mouthed idiot who just showed up to your conservative meeting or online in your chat thread talking about doing some damn fool thing has a junior G-man – actually, today it’s probably a junior G-nonbinary – on his speed dial. Those unfashionable trespassers involved in the minor fracas on Capitol Hill – libs, save your toobinesque insurrection fantasies for someone who wasn’t in the middle of a real one, incidentally one fueled by your garbage Dem icon Maxine Waters – undoubtedly included a significant number of dudes working for the feds. Oh, the regime’s licensed media is denying it now, but like all the other big stories that got walked-back later – remember the tinkle tape, the Russian bounties, and the pangolin-slandering Wuhan lab thing? – we’ll eventually find out the truth about what the DoJ knew (everything) and when it knew it (all along).
And for those huffy bureaucrat defenders who insist our glorious premier investigative agency would never stoop to framing people, I give you “FBI Agent Kujtim Sadiku [who] admitted last week in an ongoing trial in Knoxville that federal agents:

So, if you think those very special agents wouldn’t gin up and encourage a conspiracy to commit some crime in order to hook-up a bunch of knuckle-dragging Jesus people who like Trump and think that men can’t magically change into women by wanting to, think again. Here’s a good rule of thumb – assume anyone pushing conservatives to do something illegal, immoral, or just plain stupid in a chat room, at a meeting, in a bar, is probably working with the feds to set us up. And the proper response is “Beat it, narc.”

Take the five dingbats who supposedly – because you can trust nothing coming out of the FBI’s PR department – wanted to kidnap Stepford Governor Gretchen Whitmer for some reason. Shockingly, two of the five appear to have been FBI plants – what’s shocking is that the other three weren’t. MSNBCNN went bonkers over this ridiculous nonsense back when it first happened and the FBI is taking a bow for stopping this perilous plot that its own people were apparently plotting. I guess when actual mass murderers keep mass murdering, yet time after time the FBI knew about the nuts beforehand, you kind of need anything like a victory you can get. Retchin’ Gretchen was in more danger from air sickness on that donor’s jet that whisked her off to sunny, sane DeSantisland than from a quintet of misfits with a direct line back to the FBI HQ.
Understand that no one advocating violence – specifically that you go commit violence – is your friend. Such a person is either crazy, or stupid, or a snitch setting you up. Always reject them. Tell them to get the hell out. And do it loudly and clearly so the dudes sitting outside in the Ford Econoline van can get a nice crisp recording of you demanding they buzz off.
Let’s talk about violence for a minute and how it relates to our current situation with a garbage establishment trying to suppress our rights.

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