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The group she and Ilhan Omar partnered with, Mitfah, has promoted the actual blood libel found in the antisemitic hoax “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” that Jews use the blood of Christian babies to bake their Passover bread.

And the terrorist-connected Tlaib couldn’t wait to jump into bed with them.

Docratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib blamed senior members of her party after she and Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar faced backlash for partnering with a terror-linked group for their cancelled trip to Israel


Palestinian-based organization Miftah, which has terror ties and in the past promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, was partially sponsoring the trip. Tlaib dodged responsibility for the partnership when asked about Miftah at the press conference.

“Our colleagues that are senior members, some of whom have served multiple terms, actually told us about the organization,” said Tlaib, who broke down crying at another point in the press conference.

“We’re not the ones who chose the organization,” Tlaib added. “A U.S.-based sponsor organization chose it. But I think there we’re five members of Congress that actually went on a trip sponsored by the same organization.”

Who was the US-based sponsor? Why won’t she name them?

Five House Democrats attended a Miftah-sponsored trip to Israel in 2016: Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, Dan Kildee of Michigan, Hank Johnson of Georgia, Matt Cartwright of Pennsylvania and Mark Pocan of Wisconsin. The five Democrats reportedly met with an alleged member of a Palestinian terrorist group during that trip.

Fine, they’re also pro-terrorist.

Tlaib’s chief of staff did not return an email inquiring which members pointed Tlaib and Omar to Miftah….

National Review writer David French described Tlaib and Omarss partnership with Miftah as a “national scandal,” noting that Miftah had re-published neo-Nazi content and “actually published blood libel, posting an article that accused ‘the Jews [of using] the blood of Christians in the Jewish Passover.'”

A word about the dual loyalty charge, below:

Recently the leftwing moron Ted Lieu accused a Jewish American of having dual loyalties:


Is there any charge of dual loyalty to come for Rashida Tliab, who says she’s working for foreign Palestinians’ interests, not the US interest?

By the way: Tlaib claims to have been Silenced By Jews.

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