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Ed Morrissey @ Hot Air:

Via the Free Beacon, which notes that the hard-hitting editors at People have headlined the critical, breaking story of whether Jennifer Aniston would ever get married again as the top story in their print copy this week — although on theirwebsite, the top story is headlined, “Grant Show Marries Katherine LaNasa.” It’s aPeople Exclusive, just like the one the hard-news mag had with that guy who lives in the big mansion in Washington DC last week, who doesn’t warrant a front-page link now.  As a measure of just how “equally important” the Aniston engagement is for public policy, it’s also the top story on Entertainment Tonight’s website, too, although they share it with the “equally important” news that Robert Pattinson — “RPatz” for those of us in the know — has unexpectedly resurfaced.  Who would have expected a celebrity to do that?

So what will the White House press corps think of Stephanie Cutter’s observation that the RPatz and Aniston beats are “equally important” to their work of covering the leader of the free world?  Think that will assuage their concern over getting ignored for the last few months?  Er …

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