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In an effort to aid Democrats in prolonging the Senate impeachment trial, on Monday, all three networks seized on a supposed “bombshell” – though unverified – claim in former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s upcoming memoir. All the sensational coverage clearly designed to turn up the pressure on Republican senators to call witnesses.

Opening NBC’s Today show, co-host Savannah Guthrie proclaimed: “Breaking overnight, bombshell. Former National Security Advisor John Bolton ready to turn on the President as news leaks from his explosive new book about what he claims really happened with Ukraine.” She excitedly wondered: “Will he testify?”

Considering Bolton hasn’t actually uttered a single word about this, it’s certainly premature to declare that he’s “ready to turn on the President.”

Introducing the report that followed minutes later, Guthrie again gushed over the “explosive report” and argued that Bolton must know “what really happened in Ukraine.” White House correspondent Kristen Welker stuck to the talking points of the day: “That new book by John Bolton is called The Room Where it Happened, and it could be a bombshell.”

As Welker continued to hype the “explosive new account” the headline on screen blared: “Bolton Bombshell to Impact Impeachment?; Book Claims Increases Pressure on Republicans in Witness Battle.”

The reporter explained:

As first reported by The New York Times, Bolton, in an unpublished book manuscript, writes President Trump told him last August he wanted to continue freezing nearly $400 million in military aid to Ukraine until Ukrainian officials announced investigations into the Bidens.

Leading off ABC’s Good Morning America, co-host George Stephanopoulos enthused: “Also this morning, a bombshell in the impeachment trial of President Trump. The stunning new report about John Bolton directly contradicts Trump’s defense…”

Touting the “bombshell report upending the impeachment trial of President Trump” as he teed up the later segment, Stephanopoulos emphasized how “this key witness sought by Democrats” was “directly contradicting a core plank of the President’s defense.”

Chief White House correspondent Jon Karl asserted: “The report overnight in The New York Times shows just how key he [Bolton] may be to the case against the President.” The on-screen headline shouted: “Bolton Bombshell; Report: New Book Claims Trump Tied Ukraine Aid to Investigations.”

Making sure to adhere to the liberal media narrative, co-host Anthony Mason started CBS This Morning with: “Bolton’s bombshell. The former National Security Advisor reportedly says President Trump told him Ukraine would get no military aid without investigating Joe Biden and his son. How this could affect the impeachment trial?”

Like his NBC and ABC colleagues, co-host Tony Dokoupil set up the coverage by declaring: “A startling new report could upend the impeachment trial.” Correspondent Nancy Cordes told viewers: “Bolton drops the bombshell in an unpublished manuscript for his forthcoming book.” The headline on screen read: “Bolton’s Bombshell; NYT: Fmr. Adviser Ties POTUS to Ukraine Aid Freeze Over Biden.”

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