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Today Secretary of State Rex Tillerson went to the United Nations to deliver a strong diplomatic message to the North Korean regime about their ongoing nuclear ambitions.

President Trump and Secretary of State Tillerson are asking Chinese Chairman/President Xi Jinping to cut off the oil supply to the DPRK.

If you have not watched the prior ‘deep weeds discussion‘ by T-Rex on the specific reason why the U.S. cannot, ever, accept a DPRK with nuclear weapons, you should.  Two very specific reasons why also explain why traditional state adversaries China and Russia are willing to put aside their differences with the U.S. and work to denuclearize N-Korea:

  • #1) The DPRK have stated, through actions and words, they intend to use nuclear weapons as a larger strategy, a shield per se’, toward advanced conventional military action in the region.  And more importantly…
  • #2) The DPRK have stated, through actions and words, they intend to commercialize nuclear weapon manufacturing and distribution, thereby selling completed nuclear weaponry on the global market.

Given the unconscionable risk of having terror state actors gaining nuclear weapons for use against any nation, the threat of such a stunning and dangerous possibility can never be accepted.  Which leads to three important videos from today:


In response to the North Korean Minister blaming other nations for their ongoing nuclear ambitions, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was taking no guff:

(Transcript Available Here)

Upon leaving the U.N. Chamber, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson held a brief press availability:

(Transcript Available Here)

If you have not watched the “deep weeds” discussion on North Korea, and the current multidimensional angles being discussed by all participating nations, I would strongly suggest you take the time to listen to the prompted video segment below.

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