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by Ace

Garrett James Smith is a sleeper with no social media history, but a helmet was found in his apartment painted with antifa symbols, as well as a “Direct Action” checklist.
“Direct Action” is a euphemism for “violence” or “terrorism” used almost exclusively by leftwing “protest” groups.
I can’t imagine that a supporter of the J6 political prisoners’ right to due process would bring nail bombs to a protest. You don’t frag your allies.

A very familiar silence from the media.
Which proves that the media just won’t cover stories about their leftwing paramilitary allies attacking conservatives or cops, despite the leftwing media’s insistence that they do.
CNN’s Chief Doxer “Buzzfeed Andrew” tried to disprove Mary Katherine Ham’s assertion that after 48 hours, CNN stopped covering Capitol Hill Assassin/Russiagate Conspiracy Fan James Hodgkinson III’s murderous rampage and switched her topic to “Mike Pence hired a lawyer.” He did so by… using his doxing skills to dig up evidence that she was on CNN talking about Hodgkinson within the first day or two of the shooting. And not “after 48 hours,” as she specified.
This sparked an argument, which CNN’s Doxing Officer fared poorly in.
The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman continues insisting that the leftwing assassin Hodgkinson was a “huge story” at the Times. A search of the NYT’s archives disproves this.

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