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You know, Nick Monroe, a “freelance journalist,” found this, it seems, with just a google search.

But National Review, which conservatives give their money to, couldn’t find it, or more likely didn’t even bother searching for this guy’s name to get his background.

Because they’re Real Journalists. Real like their very good friends at BuzzFeed and MSNBC.

Nicholas Frankovich wrote a testimonial to this elegant elder and Vietnam (ERA) veteran — and yet he didn’t bother to do any research on this guy before condemning innocent schoolboys as akin to the Romans crucifying Christ.

Maybe National Review just needs more donation money so they can subscribe to Lexis/Nexis. Maybe they just need more of your money to top letting themselves be used as willing pawns of the left every couple of weeks.

An Ypsilanti man says he was trying to teach a few students dressed in American Indian theme party about respecting Native Americans.Not long afterward, Nathan Phillips said that an interaction with party-goers and students turned ugly.

Nathan Phillips says he was out for a noon walk on a Saturday in mid-April.
He walked by a home where he saw Eastern Michigan University students dressed as Native Americans.

“They had little feathers on, I was just going to walk by,” Phillips said. “A group of them said ‘Come on over, come here.'”

Uh-huh. He just blundered across them when randomly meandering. How very serendipitous.

He says he walked over to the fence and saw roughly 30 to 40 students involved in a theme party.

“They had their face painted,” Phillips said. “I said what the heck is going on here. ‘Oh we are honoring you.’ I said no you are not honoring me.”

It was a statement he says they took offense to.

“Then started whooping and hollering,” he said. “I said that wasn’t honoring, that was racist. Then at that time, it really got ugly.”

Phillips says he was bombarded with racial slurs.

“(They said) ‘Go back to the reservation, you blank indian,'” he said.

I believe all of this.

One student, he says, threw a beer can at him.

You can’t see my face right now, but I’ve got my Believing Everything You Say face on right now.

Boy, racial strife just seems to stalk this guy like a hungry panther, huh?

One might begin to suspect he’s actually a leftwing agitator playing Crybully so he can sic his media allies on targets, but that’s just Racist Thinking, I’m sure National Review will scold me.

“If I would have stayed where I was at, it would have hit me in the head,” he said. “I backed up and it hit me in the chest.”

He had seen enough at that point and says he called the police.

“By the time police got there, it was like there was no party there at all,” he said.

You mean, when the police got there, there were no people dressed up as Indians and throwing beer cans?

I guess they all just left.

Or maybe… they never really existed.

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