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by Ace

The right gets sent to prison, solitary confinement in fact, without trial, and the Democrats’ Street Militia gets paid with taxpayer funds.
The corrupt Democrat pit of Philadelphia just agreed to pay rioters $9.25 million, for services rendered to the Democrat-Marxist cause.

The city has agreed to pay a combined $9.25 million to hundreds of people teargassed, struck with rubber bullets, and detained by police during the 2020 racial justice protests after the police murder of George Floyd.In a settlement order signed Monday by U.S. District Magistrate Judge David R. Strawbridge, the city agreed to pay plaintiffs in four federal civil rights lawsuits, as well as contribute $500,000 to a fund that will provide counseling to victims of police violence and offer community-led programming. That money will be distributed to grassroots organizations via grants through the Bread & Roses Community Fund.
The damages awarded to each of the about 350 plaintiffs vary depending on the circumstances of their cases, attorneys said during a news conference at the Paul Robeson House and Museum in West Philadelphia.
“This power must not go unchecked. It must be confronted,” said Paul Hetznecker, one of the civil rights attorneys in a team representing 240 of the plaintiffs.
He said this is the largest settlement in a mass protest-related case in the city’s history.

Yeah, I’ll bet.

In a statement Monday, Mayor Jim Kenney said that “the pain and trauma caused by a legacy of systemic racism and police brutality against Black and Brown Philadelphians is immeasurable.”
“While this is just one step in the direction toward reconciliation, we hope this settlement will provide some healing from the harm experienced by people in their neighborhoods in West Philadelphia and during demonstrations on I-676 in 2020,” Kenney said.

Meanwhile, Obama’s DHS Secretary — not Biden’s; this is an ex-DHS Secretary — calls for anyone who merely “supported” the January 6th protesters to be arrested and charged with treason.
Note he’s not talking about people who even entered the Capitol. No, they already have them all rotting in jail.
He means people who committed the speech crime or thought crime of merely “supporting” them.
Another 1000 Trump voters will be rounded up and held in the DC gulag. Prosecutors are warning local wardens to expect an overflow of prisoners that will strain their resources and cell-space.
Guess they’ll just have to release murderers, carjackers, r@pists and drug-dealers to make room for the “paraders.”

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