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‘View’ host Sunny Hostin belittles GOP White women voters as tools of their husbands: ‘They do fall in line’

“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin said Tuesday that “White women want to protect this patriarchy” because it “benefits them” while discussing Republican women who continue to support former President Trump.

The left-wing pundit added they will “fall in line with what their husbands are doing” in the discussion about Trump, who leads the 2024 GOP field as he makes a third consecutive bid for the presidency.

“I think that women, White women in particular, want to protect this patriarchy here, because it’s to their benefit,” Hostin said. “They want to make sure their husbands do well. They want to make sure their sons do well. They want to make sure their children do well. They want to make sure they do well. Most of the women in some of these studies are married, White women. They do fall in line with what their husbands are doing, how their husbands are voting.”

Behar: Tim Scott “doesn’t get” racism in America

Sen. Tim Scott blasts Joy Behar over claim he ‘doesn’t get’ racism: ‘Dumbest, most offensive thing’

“Here’s what’s dangerous and offensive to me, for every young child in America wanting to think for themselves, draw their own conclusions. What they’re saying to them is, ‘stay in your lane, do not stick your head out because we’re going to tell you how to think because you never learned anything about what you should think. It is literally the dumbest, most offensive thing I’ve ever witnessed on TV to hear these millionaire TV personalities telling me how to live my life as a Black man but more importantly, suggesting to every child, stay in your place, follow my lead or you, too, will reap the same harvest as Tim Scott or Clarence Thomas or any other conservative who dares to think for themselves,” he continued.

Behar compared Scott to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and claimed they both don’t understand systemic racism. Behar made a similar claim in 2021 after Scott offered the Republican rebuttal to President Biden’s State of the Union address.

“He’s one of these guys, like Clarence Thomas, Black Republican, who believes in pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, rather than understanding the systemic racism that African Americans face in this country and other minorities. He doesn’t get it. Neither does Clarence. That’s why they’re Republicans,” she said during an episode of “The View” after Scott announced his 2024 campaign.

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