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The claim that you meant to say this other thing that is 100% the opposite of what you actually said is the reason why you really, really need to take that cognitive function test, Joe.

You creepy tween-sniffer and sex criminal.

By the way, Joe Biden didn’t just say “Unlike African Americans,” Latinos have diversity once yesterday.

He said it twice, in two different Basement Appearances, as Tom Elliot points out.

I like how they have this senile husk just repeating words that sound nice to him now, like, “Dignity. Respect. Strength. Finger-rape.”

Joe Scarborough and His Cast of Idiots fell over themselves to say, no, Biden had it right the first time, blacks really are a monolithic block.

Apparently Latinos (Latinxes?) come from all over the world, but blacks only come from… where?

Africa’s a pretty big place, you know. There are first and second generation American blacks from Africa.

Also, there are a lot of blacks in the Caribbean.

Oh, and there are a lot of blacks in South America. You know, that diverse place where so many diverse Latinxes come from.

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