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The JoeBama administration has one arrow in their divisive quiver they are stunningly committed to overusing: ‘racism to divide our nation and serve their political interests’.  However, the lengths they are willing to go to in their effort to continue using this narrative have become absurd in the extreme.
I want you to look at the official headline from this report (CBS’s Herridge source), and keep in mind this is an official intelligence product from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence:

Look at that headline: “Commemoration of Tulsa Race Massacre Probably an Attractive Target for Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremist-White Supremacists.”  This is literally something you would see on MSNBC or another far-left production created by the leftist narrative engineers.   Stuff like this “probably” shouldn’t surprise us any longer, yet this one does.  They are not even attempting to cloud how politicized the intelligence apparatus has become.
In the larger picture “racism” is the fulcrum of the current far-left ideological advance.  It was the specific decision, after lengthy internal club meetings to use racism as a political tool, that led to the Chicago network (Obama and Perez) organizing with the AME network (Clyburn and CBC) to support Joe Biden as the avatar for Obama’s third term.
It was literally a strategic decision, without any input from those around Joe Biden, for Obama’s network to advance their objectives by installing the puppet they could control.  The DNC (Tom Perez Chairman) then set about his part of the goal to install the puppet Obama selected.  Perez tells the other candidates to drop out; the club insiders tell the other candidates to comply; they did – and it was all a quick downhill from there.
Obama and Clyburn then coordinate the addition of Kamala Harris… and this racism narrative becomes, yet again, the fulcrum of the political plan.  Obama’s “Anger Games” triggered once again, and everything downstream comes as a consequence.
To see the headline on this 2021 ODNI report is to admit just how manipulated our internal intelligence and law enforcement institutions have become to the narrative engineering of the intolerant and toxic Obama crew.

June 2020:
At the time the Obama crew made the plan, we called it out.

Right before the 2020 SC Primary the DNC Club knew they had a problem with the Bernie Sanders momentum.  An urgent assembly of all party control officers was called. The DNC Club designed a plan around using James Clyburn as the official spark for Joe Biden to take back control of the primary outcome.
Former President Obama was initiated by the Club to contact all candidates and inform them when and how they would quit the race and fall-in-line behind Joe Biden.
Clyburn was then triggered to initiate his endorsement and begin the rapid-fire process.
Within 48 hours all members of the club and candidates had their instructions and proceeded to follow-through on the plan.  They had no choice.  If they did not comply they would suffer the consequences of a fully aligned club hierarchy who would target them personally and financially.
The plan worked flawlessly.
As part of the coordinated deal Representative James Clyburn was put in charge of the Biden campaign; Clyburn stunningly admitted this immediately after the strategy went public.  James Clyburn will also select/appoint the vice-presidential nominee.
Joe Biden has early-onset dementia. Everyone knows this to be true.
The Biden candidacy is a front; a ruse, a manipulative scheme that needs a face… That’s Joe Biden.
A Biden presidency would be a complete farce.  The Club would be in control of everything behind the scenes.  All policy would be Club policy; and, specifically because of their importance in triggering the origin of the entire enterprise, the primary policy stakeholders will be the congressional black caucus (CBC) led by James Clyburn.
That BIG PICTURE is the reason for the House to assemble another Trump removal committee today, headed by James Clyburn.   The club isn’t even trying to put on the pretense of hiding it… their openness and hubris is quite remarkable.
Perhaps the DNC confidence toward pulling this off is driven by their confidence in using the coronavirus to get mail-in vote ballots approved on a state-by-state basis.  The DNC Club controls the mail…. and the ballot counting…  in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan…. ergo the DNC Club controls the 2020 election.
One thing is sure, Clyburn’s Trump Removal Committee will find or create every possible controversy, and manufacture whatever they cannot find, to outline President Trump as the cause for suffering in the U.S. with coronavirus.   A big part of that plan will be to highlight the coronavirus impact on the black and minority communities.
Later in the summer, as Clyburn assembles his own fabricated dossier of manipulative virus research, Anthony Fauci will step-in to play the role of Alexander Vindman.  The media will crank-up their White House investigation sirens again… and we’ll be off to the 2020 races amid the fourth removal effort by political operatives.
Bookmark it.  These people are predictable. (link)

Once you see the strings on the grievance marionettes, you can never watch the pantomime without seeing them; thus the playbook is transparent. Team Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Team AME Church have again aligned, exactly as we expected.  Obama’s Chicago crew coordinated the merging.
From the moment representative James Clyburn aligned his network with Barack Obama’s Chicago machine there has been a strategy at work.
Clyburn uses the old-fashioned racial playbook through the AME church network. The AME network includes Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Meanwhile Obama historically used the modern race-based network: the Nation of Islam and New Black Panther Party. The NoI and NBPP are also allied with DNC Chairman Tom Perez.
Tom Perez was the head of the DOJ Civil Rights Division… which is not coincidental because the election of 2020 is the second time both networks have merged upon, and attempted to activate, the Black Lives Matter crowd. The first time they merged was in Orlando and Miami during the 2012 “Justice for Trayvon” movement.
Black Lives Matter came out of the organization known as “The Dream Defenders”. The defenders were the younger generational version of the civil rights AME network.
In 2012/2013 President Obama and Tom Perez were able to blend the Dream Defenders into an alignment with Farakahan, the Nation of Islam, and the New Black Panther Party.
As an outcome of a more bitter ideology, the Dream Defenders became more antagonistic and combative when they launched the rebranded version, ‘Black Lives Matter’.
The newly blended Black Lives Matter network had their first heavy visibility with the “Justice for Mike Brown” movement that destroyed Ferguson, Missouri.
After the Mike Brown pretense collapsed the BLM group moved to Baltimore to exploit the false narrative that surrounded the death of Freddie Gray.
Baltimore was then set ablaze with the leadership of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake who famously said it was important to give the riot crowd “space to destroy.”

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