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I know I’m not the brightest bulb on the tree, but I am getting the impression Democrats don’t want us to know the truth about the election.

Let’s take a look at a couple stories lost in the holiday shuffle.

Maricopa County Election Officials Ignore Subpoena on Dominion Machines

Last week, the Arizona State Senate served the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors with a subpoena, ordering Dominion voting machines in the county secured, a forensic audit and a scanned ballot audit.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors ignored the subpoena. In fact, they are going to court to block the subpoena. Now why in the world would they want to block an effort to examine Dominion voting machines? What skin is it off their back? It’s not like they’d be the ones forced to give up holiday time to do the technical analysis. Seems worth it to have a few tech geeks put down the egg nog for a couple days just to assure voters the machines were clean and not compromised.

With Christmas parties cancelled, and travel discouraged, what else they have to do anyway?

But no, Maricopa County officials are blocking the road to truth. Why?

See No Fraud, Hear No Fraud

You know why. They saw the results of a similar audit in Antrim, Michigan. That forensic audit revealed a 68% error rate — which allows for the manual “adjudication” of ballots — deleted security and adjudication logs, vote switching functions enabled, and on and on. In fact, Russell Ramsland Jr. revealed Saturday that the redacted parts of this company’s analysis indicate the results of some down-ballot races were switched.

Perhaps the Maricop-outs also saw a new analysis that indicates Joe Biden received an average of 5% more votes on Dominion machines than he did on other voting systems.

Well, except for the HART InterCivic voting system. Old Joe got 6% more on those machines. Guess who bought HART just a couple months ago? Delvin Talbott, the son of Clinton Machine fixture Strome Talbott. You knew Hillary had to be in the election debacle mix somewhere. Incidentally, HART was one of the companies NBC News highlighted in its 2019 report on lack of election security.

This analysis echoes the findings of insurance fraud investigator Ben Turner, who calculated Biden got a 2%-3% vote shift in counties that used Dominion machines.

Joe Biden’s margin of “victory” in Arizona is only 10,457 votes.

Maricopa County doesn’t want anyone looking at the machines that generated that tally. Does their stonewalling make you more confident or less confident the election was on the up-and-up?

Michigan Secretary of State Official Seems to Want Illegal Ballots Counted

An official with the Michigan Secretary of State’s office is caught on video displaying a shocking lack of interest in voter fraud.

It happened during a “risk-limited audit” in Antrim County.

As Gateway Pundit reports, a male ballot counter from Central Lake Township notes “multiple ballots with same signature.” Matthew DePerno puts the figure at 138 ballots. However, this female official insists those dubious ballots be counted.

A female counter asks “So when we’re done with the audit, there’s still the opportunity to challenge the fact that we have multiple ballots with the very same signature?” she asks.

Nothing doing. When the two counters press the issue, they are again shut down. “That is not the process.”


Actually, this is the third video in Gateway Pundit‘s report. The first two show other shenanigans during that “risk-limited audit.”

Naturally, Michigan’s Secretary of State office is dubbing the article “Misinformation.” That’s the buzz-word workshopped before the election for any evidence which contradicts the official story, that Joe Biden won the election legitimately.

Georgia Whistleblowers Punished

Two whistleblowers in Georgia who swear they saw election wrongdoing are paying the price of coming forward, Epoch Times is reporting.

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