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Wow. This is some really fine work by Crowder and especially the primary infiltrator Jared. Gutsy. He’s spying on people who are passing out ice picks and knives and talking about sawed off shotguns (illegal) and guns “on the border of a rifle and an assault weapon” (sounds illegal) in their trunks, and he just stays in the game.

And the media? Embargoes.

Getting down to our last clear chance to avert the collision, media: Encouragement and covering-up of premeditated political violence can be a two way street, if that’s how you’re determined to have it. And you can’t claim to be “neutral” when you’re acting like a domestic terrorist group’s PR firm.

We’ll wait to see if David French and Jay Nordlinger declare they find antifa “understandable” and “justified.”

Video here

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