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“He’s dropped a net 25 points in twelve months since January to today,” Matthew Dowd told a panel on ABC News’ “This Week” on Sunday. “His presidency in my view and the credibility of his presidency and the relevancy of his presidency is dramatically in question today and I think he can’t recover from it…No president has ever recovered from it at this point in their presidency.” Left-leaning pundit Donna Brazile immediate jumped to Obama’s defense after Dowd’s prediction: “I think he will have a rebound in 2014,” she said, adding that four of the last five two-term presidents had problems in their fifth years in office. George Stephanapoulos quickly pointed out to Brazile that Obama has “the lowest average polling of all of them.” Brazile, apparently on the ropes, offered tiny counterpunches like she couldn’t believe it: “Well…Richard Nixon? George W. Bush?” Dowd confirmed that Obama has a lower overall polling number.

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