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by Ace

This grotesque whore of a pig might have told the last lie she’ll ever tell with any kind of political power.

Abrams has been claiming she “strongly urged” the league not to boycott — and planting this cover story with friendly media friends — and wrote a USA Today article after the league’s decision against the boycott.
Beth Bauman pointed out that this very same reporter had just written about Stacey Abrams demanding that corporations no longer “remain silent” on the election laws in Georgia.

And now sources are saying that privately, when she had the MLB’s representatives in a quiet room, she told them to boycott the state she’s Governor of (in her own fat imagination).
Meanwhile, Jake Tapper is now flapping his dick-cushions claiming that the MLB should have just resisted pressure. The pressure would have gone away, he says.
He seems to forget that the works for CNN, which is an arm of Media Matters and relentlessly pressures corporations to enforce the leftwing demand of the day, printing negative story after negative story until the corporation gives in and cancels whatever CNN’s Media Matters Masters demand.

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