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Now, is this true? Well, Emerald Robinson works for OAN and I assume she wouldn’t risk her career with a false claim.

But would her sources maybe float an idea they suspect is true but can’t prove is true in hopes that the floated not-really-a-story-but-a-suspicion will attract journalistic attention which will result in proof?

I know that sort of thing happens.

As for the “major newspaper,” well, they haven’t written a story on it yet, but given the circumstances — and given this newspaper’s liberal/pro-NT biases — there might be a reason they’re suppressing a valid story.

Let’s not forget how NBC News deliberately suppressed proof that Avenatti and Swetnick were lying.

That sort of thing happens too. Especially in today’s not-even-pretending-not-to-be-pure-propgandists-any-longer media.

I’ve watched certain pips squeaking since last week and I’ve wondered about why.

Here’s my little conspiracy theory: Certain NeverTrumpers have been howling in NPC Unison that it’s “antisemitic” to say bad things about George Soros because they’re trying to create the notion that publishing this story would itself be an “antisemitic” incitement against Jews.

They’re doing propagandistic pre-innoculation, trying to set up a Narrative that will blockade the actual story from coming out.

#MuhPrivateBusinesses can do whatever they want to do, including bribing “journalists” from writing about their abusive practices, I guess.

I do think it’s interesting that the Weekly Standard and most of its writers have declared that discussing George Soros’ pernicious influence in politics is inherently and dangerously antisemitic — and yet the Weekly Standard used to decry Soros’ left-wing political influence as if it were just a fact one was permitted to comment upon.

What’s changed? Why did noting that Soros was a major left-wing donor who was very pro-socialist and anti-border, anti-sovereignty go from perfectly respectable to Vicious Antisemitism Which is Too Dangerous to Even mention just in the past few months?

And let’s not forget: We’ve known for months that NeverTrump was now being funded by Democrats.

Even the NYT reported on that.

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