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David French:

The conventional wisdom is that moral opposition to same-sex marriage will eventually evaporate — that even orthodox religious communities will learn to accommodate new cultural realities, and those few who don’t will ultimately be irrelevant, living on the margins of society. Evangelical churches will cave. The Catholic Church will cave. Jews will cave. In just a few, short years the Christian churches in America will look back at opposition to same-sex marriage with the same kind of shame that Southern Baptists view their segregationist past.

That conventional wisdom is garbage. It’s based largely on a bigoted, ignorant view of the Christian faith, and it ignores recent history. The Left has drunk its own Kool-Aid for so long that it actually believes its rhetoric about church history and teachings.

We’ve been through this before. When Roe was decided, the major American Protestant denominations were in a transition process, with the mainline moving steadily out of orthodox Christianity. Their ultimate embrace of abortion wasn’t part of a considered, scriptural decision-making process but rather a product of spiritualized surrender to elite, progressive culture. The PCUSA, UCC, Episcopal Church, and others steadily liberalized — bending to the prevailing intellectual winds. For a time even the Southern Baptist Convention capitulated. Here’s Al Mohler:

Two years before Roe, the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution calling for “legislation that will allow the possibility of abortion under such circumstances as rape, incest, clear evidence of fetal abnormality, and carefully ascertained evidence of the likelihood of damage to the emotional, mental, and physical health of the mother.”

But while the mainline tacked left and kept tacking left, the SBC moved right, and decisively so. It’s now firmly and unequivocally pro-life. This move was part of a broader desire to follow scripture, as the SBC embraced the Bible, doubled down on orthodox Christianity, and defied the sexual revolution.

What happened? Did the SBC whither away — becoming a church full of blue-haired holdouts, clinging to their guns and old-time religion as the mainline galloped away with the hearts and minds of the next generation?

Hardly. It turns out that Christians generally want to be Christian, not spiritualized political liberals, so the mainline continued its slow-motion collapse while the SBC became bigger than all the major mainline churches combined. The churches that maintained orthodoxy did more than just survive, they thrived — and as one consequence, the pro-life movement has only gained political and cultural strength.

Given that same-sex marriage has the same level of scriptural support as abortion (none), we’ll see the same phenomenon at work in the contemporary churches. Christians who are already on their way out of orthodoxy will embrace same-sex marriage largely to the same extent that they’ve already embraced porn, abortion, and sex outside of marriage. In fact, churchgoing Christians who support same-sex marriage are eight times more likely than churchgoing Christians who oppose same-sex marriage to think viewing porn is acceptable, almost four times more likely to believe cohabitation is acceptable, almost six times more likely to think adultery is ok, and almost six times more likely to support abortion rights. The churchgoing supporter of same-sex marriage is much more like the average American than the average churchgoing American.

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