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by Emerald Robinson

First of all, let me remind my fellow Americans: I told you this would happen.
I told you on November 7th that the corporate media was sowing the narrative that voting machines malfunctioning was totally normal, and that election results which take weeks to discover are totally fine.
I told you why voting machines “not working” in key counties was always the plan of the Washington uniparty to stop Trump-aligned politicians from taking over the GOP.
I explained why it was madness for so many conservative talk show hosts and “experts” to reassure GOP voters that candidates like Kari Lake and Blake Masters would ultimately win their elections while they were being cheated out of their victories.

Too many right-wing “influencers” in the media had no idea what was going on.
After all, I’ve spent the entire year hosting election integrity experts on my TV show — The Absolute Truth — and most of them agreed that nothing had been done about the stolen 2020 election. No meaningful reforms had been passed. No guilty parties had been prosecuted. No safeguards were in place.
In other words, the only reason to believe that America’s elections in 2022 would be better than 2020 was blind hope.
So, I was not using astrology or a time machine to accurately predict that Trump-aligned candidates in key races would suddenly find their elections slow down as corrupt election officials started to cheat.
The prime example of this brazen fraud is Maricopa County — which is scheduled to have its false election results certified this Monday morning.
Read this thread to see what Maricopa County probably did to “manage” the machines in red precincts.
What makes this certification even more egregious is that Maricopa County has now publicly admitted that it ran a bad election — and it was bad in the classic and non-partisan sense that Maricopa County disenfranchised its own voters.
The official cause of this terrible election was a “printer issue.”

When election officials run a bad election, the only thing to do is to re-do the election after recalling the guilty election officials. Their apologies are legally irrelevant. Their excuses are not just insufficient but laughably kindergardenish in terms of flimflam. In short, nobody believes them.

Remember: the official position of Maricopa County is that only 17,000 ballots were effected which it calculated as 7% of Election Day votes.

The problem with that 7% figure is that you get a final Election Day vote total of 246,000 ballots — even though Maricopa County has admitted that about 750,000 voters showed up on Election Day.
That’s half a million votes that have disappeared.

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