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Captain Capitalism:

The relationship between society and the individual, by nature, has to be symbiotic.  Society is made up of individuals and it would logically follow that strong individuals make up a strong society.  However, over time and under different environments the relationship between society and the individual is not always mutually beneficial.  And if that’s the case it’s almost always society benefiting at the expense of the individual as the many can conspire against the individual and not the other way around.  It’s simply “there’s 8 of us and only 1 of you, guess who we’re having for diner!”

We see this “society taking advantage of the individual” throughout history as well as today.  Mob-rule democracies using government to force individuals to pay for the masses’ mistakes.  Religion telling its adherents to donate to the church or burn in hell.  Even the unconscious psychology of tribalism effectively enslaving the individual for the benefit of the commune.  There are many instances where the individual is right, and society is wrong.

But aside from the time and monetary costs the individual pays for the benefit of society, there is another egregious cost that is often ignored, but the individual must pay – his sanity.

While paying taxes, being forced to donate to a church, or getting beat up because you dared to “act white” and get good grades are clear and identifiable prices the individual pays, in order to keep the individual from going into full revolt or Galt, society needs to brainwash the individual so they don’t dare question the parasitic nature of society’s relationship with them.  To that end a whole host of lies, narratives, political correctness and propaganda are shoved down individuals’ throats to keep them from asking questions and keep them from independent thought.  However, this “brainwashing” is nothing as simple as merely disseminating lies and repeating it enough that people “start to believe it.”  It’s a masterful, elaborate, and purposefully designed strategy, starting when the individual is all of 4 years old and never ending until that individual is dead and society has used him up as much as possible.

But as “masterful, elaborate and purposefully designed” it is, this brainwashing is above all else thorough and incredibly effective.  If I were to estimate it right now, nearly 95% of westerners are brainwashed and believe in what are nothing more than outright lies.  And not only do they believe in these lies, the brainwashing is so effective they have an emotional investment in these lies so that if any of you were to dare question the veracity of those lies, most people would react violently, at minimum, angrily.  However, no matter how emotionally vested these people are in these lies, it doesn’t change the fact they live their lives and base INCREDIBLY important life decisions on these lies which results in the aforementioned true price they pay – sanity.

The examples are limitless.

“The Nice Guy”

How many millions of men suffered decades of insanity believing the lies SOCIETY told them about what women wanted in men?  Here you have what is no doubt the STRONGEST and MOST IMPORTANT biological drive young men have in their lives and did society tell them the truth about what women wanted?  Did society tell them, “Hey, women want:

“A physically strong man.”
“A leader.”
“A man who will not be dissuaded or deterred”
“A provider who can support a wife, mortgage, and children?”

No, society LIED to (now three) generations of young men telling them women wanted

“A nice guy.”
“A sweet guy.”
“A sensitive 90’s guy.”
“A guy who listens.”

The ultimate end result was a 50% divorce rate, sexually frustrated women, weak, effeminate men, destroyed families, and (now three) generations of men who have ruined financial and romantic lives.  But all of that pales in comparison to the INSANITY these men suffered because they “did what they were told” and had absolutely no success to show for it.  The sheer madness that ensued when you attempted to be successful at what was arguably the most important thing in life, only to constantly fail, but only to constantly be told to redouble your efforts on the same plan is a psychological pain many men can testify to.

But still, no matter how much destruction these lies caused or how many men in their 20’s it drove mad, at least society (in the form of government, divorce courts, the psychology profession, and feminist intelligentsia) benefited.

“You Can Have It All”

Before we paint men as the sole victims, women have suffered too.  And not in the “glass ceiling” or “wage gap myth” sort of way.  The lies society told women was that “they could have it all” and “you ARE the exact same as men.”  And so (now three full) generations of young women went out and instead of pursuing families (like they had for 99.995% of human existence) they believed society and all tried to be:

PTA officers
Yoga attendees and
Race car drivers


And forget the mathematical impossibility of doing all of this effectively with only 24 hours in a day.  The real coup de etat was society actually got women to believe that work is fun or something to be desired!

The result, again, is divorce, destroyed families, ill-reared children, regret, and single-parent homes.  However, the true price paid is the INSANITY women have suffered “doing what society told them to do,” but being less happy than generations past.

Still, it doesn’t matter.  Society (in the form of government, feminist intelligentsia, and corporate employers) benefited from increased tax rolls, misery-loving company, and a labor market flooded with new and cheap labor.


If there’s a perfect example of the individual suffering insanity because they believed society’s lies, today’s labor market for college graduates is it.  For you could not have a more textbook example of thoroughly effective and successful brainwashing than today’s Millennial college graduates.

Fed spoons’ full of lies since kindergarten, today’s latest generation actually believed in what their Gen X peers proved wrong – “do what you want and the money will follow.”  “Any degree is a good degree.”  “It doesn’t matter what you get a degree in, it’s what you do with it.”  Add to that the ass-kissing lie that “they were the future” and these deluded sheeple actually thought majoring in Sociology would land them a job.

But sadly, after 4 years undergrad, 2 years in a masters program, another 2 for a doctorate and voting for Barack Obama twice, your average Millennial has $78,000 in student loans, a lousy labor market, no skills and lives with their parents.  Can you imagine not just the insanity, but the terror and fear these poor kids have now that it looks like their lives are ruined forever and will come NOWHERE NEAR to what they were promised?

Oh well.  No matter.  Democrats got their votes, academia got $1 trillion every year this generation was in college, and employers now have MILLIONS of new and ESPECIALLY DESPERATE people begging for jobs.  Again, society won at the expense of the individual.


And finally careers.

If you were like me, you too believed the lies society told you about what it took to succeed at a career.

“Hard work, an education, loyalty, creativity, and innovation!”

So there you went, believing the lies, majoring in a hard and seemingly practical subject.  Studying day and night to get that 3.8 GPA.  Going that extra mile working an unpaid internship to “improve” your resume.  Taking extra classes to get extra certifications with random acronyms. (“I got my DPT and my EGS certifications!  But I’m still working on my XKT cert!”)  And dancing like a trained dog to perfect your resume, answer HR’s frivolous questions, and “score that job.”  You may have lowered yourself to reading books on the topic and endured “mock interviews.”

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