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by Howie Carr

So now it’s against the law to believe that an election was stolen?

That is what former president Donald J. Trump was essentially charged with in a federal courtroom in Washington yesterday.

Amazing stuff, and it raises the question, who will be the next politician charged with saying publicly that an election was stolen?

Jimmy Carter? Hillary Clinton? Joe Biden? Kamala Harris? Bernie Sanders? Jim McGovern? Jamie Raskin? Stacey Abrams?

That’s just a tiny sampling of the Democrats who have publicly stated that they believe that the evil Republicans have stolen elections, or words and phrases to that effect, like “illegitimate” or “not on the level.”

If you include those Democrats who’ve said it privately, you’d also have to throw John Forbes Kerry and his lovely wife Mama T for… wrongthink, as George Orwell would have put it.

But of course, all the above are Democrats. So it’s okay for them to say whatever they want. It’s only against the law for Trump to think that something was amiss, after he lost despite getting 10 million more votes than any other incumbent president in American history.

In the second paragraph of the Trump indictment, the rabidly partisan Democrat prosecutor accused Trump of “creating an intense national atmosphere of mistrust and anger, and eroding public faith in the administration of the election.”

Unlike, say, Howard Dean, among so many other comrades and fellow travelers, talking about “substantial voter suppression.” (When Democrats mention “voter suppression,” they mean suppressing voter fraud.)

How about Rep. Jerry Nadler making the Trumpian statement that voting machines are “hackable.”

One of the charges involves Trump’s attempts “To Fraudulently Alter the Election Results at the January 6 Certification Proceeding.”

Here is a transcript of what was said before the proceeding:

“Treating today’s electoral vote count in Congress as a meaningless ritual would be an insult to our democracy unless we registered our own protest against the obviously flawed voting process in so many of our states.”

So there you have it – guilty as charged! Oh, wait, excuse me. Correction. That wasn’t Donald J. Trump in 2023. That was Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, in 2005, after George W. Bush’s victory in 2004 – by three million popular votes.

Despite Kennedy’s statement in 2005, Trump’s Deep State persecutors say the vote count in Congress is merely “ceremonial.” Oddly, however, that word never appears in the Constitution.

And if the certification is merely “ceremonial,” why did a bunch of Hollywood actors try to overturn Trump’s 2016 election by harassing Trump’s GOP voters in the Electoral College?

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida tweeted out the thespians’ video: “When will the investigation begin on the effort by Hollywood actors to overturn the Presidential election of 2016?”

As one of the Florida electors then said in response to that:

“I ignored them, but received tens of thousands of letters in my mailbox, phone calls on my cell at all hours & emails. Some polite, others threatening.”

Initially, as they began their attempt to frame Trump, the Biden Crime Family wanted to bring Trump down – and render him ineligible to run again in 2024 – by convicting him of “insurrection.”

But this 45-page indictment says nothing about “insurrection.” It only mention fraud, whatever that means in this context. The Deep State says Trump “knew” the election was on the level. Can Big Brother now read minds?

If a politician telling lies is now a crime, when does Dementia Joe Biden get indicted? There isn’t room in this entire newspaper to catalogue even a partial list of his whoppers.

But yesterday’s courthouse circus was just the latest example of America’s two-tiered justice system – one system for them, i.e., Democrats, and the other system for the rest of us.

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