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I am amazed at what I am seeing. President Trump goes 174-9 on endorsements and it’s his fault it was a Pink Mist, instead of a Red Wave? Cocaine Mitch is the one who held back the money and support. Was he out campaigning? Nope. Could Mitch ever draw the crowds Trump has? Nope.
Sorry — that dog will not hunt. In my humble opinion, what you’re now seeing is the establishment hacks, media, and big money globalist hedge fund hooligans like Ken Griffin trying to get rid of Trump and coronate DeSantis, before either has even announced.
Griffin, the GOP’s $100 million Soros-style donor, has poured a lot of money into DeSantis and the GOP with the expressed goal of “blunting the vein of populism that has complicated the party’s relationship with the corporate world.” In other words, destroy MAGA and get the rubes back in line with the corporate fascists. Sadly, the DeSantis donor list is a who’s who of millionaires and billionaires, who absolutely love Mitt and Jeb and want to go back to offshoring our jobs, gutting the middle class, and losing to Democrats.
Compare that list to Trump’s. His donors are a majority of grassroots, small-dollar donations from we the people.
As much as I love DeSantis, the best governor I’ve seen, running for president is an entirely different animal. Or monster, as the case may be. And if you’ve been paying attention, you’ve seen that the monster is already fired up for Ron. Starting with his absence and long silence after the Mar-a-Lago raid and followed by the national ad campaign and the cringy “And God Made a Warrior” ad.
I feel horrible that he’s decided to be controlled by these anti-American millionaires and billionaires. Taking all that money comes with a political price. That price, small as it is, will be a lost vote from me, in the primaries.
Regardless how good a governor he is, how can I, in good conscience, vote for a man that is controlled by the people that we’ve been trying to get rid of since 2009?

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