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Erick Erickson:

Did you hear the one about how everyone around Trump thinks he is an idiot and they’re pondering what to do if he pushes the button to launch nukes?

Yeah, I heard that one too long before Gabe Sherman wrote about it. It was in the conversations on social media of leftists horrified by what has happened.

I don’t doubt that Sherman has a source. He seems to have very good sources. But I do wonder about that source as I wonder about many of the sources reporters are using today. There is a familiar pattern of telling the left exactly what they want to hear and already believe and then a retraction afterwards.

Take the story about the mass resignations of Obama era personnel at the State Department during the inaugural. It fit exactly what the left’s fever dreams demanded. Only then it was retracted.

Take the recent story about Barack Obama warning Mark Zuckerberg about fake news and Russia. Only the Russia part was not true and had to be retracted.

Take the CNN story that the FBI Director would say President Trump is a target of the investigation. Only he did not say that and CNN had to retract it.

The list of stories is continuous and daily. Reporters have sources who tell them exactly what the left wants to hear and what we are getting is not news, but Resistance Fan Fiction — stories of worlds based on progressive dreams. Today there’s the story of Trump ridiculing Pence to Pence’s face about abortion and gay marriage. It’s the perfect story with anonymous sources designed to mock Trump’s base telling people what they want to hear. But is it true? I wouldn’t be surprised, but is it?

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