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By Shipwreckedcrew

On December 6, 2015, Joe Biden ordered Ukraine President Petr Poroshenko to fire Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, threatening to withhold $1 billion in US aid to the Poroshenko government if he did not do so.

Newly revealed evidence taken from Hunter Biden’s laptop, in the form of an email dated November 2, 2015, from Vadym Pozharskyi to Devon Archer and Hunter Biden at their Rosemont Seneca Partners email addresses shows, unequivocally, that Burisma’s purpose in placing them both on the Board of Directors, and hiring Blue Star Strategies, a Washington DC PR firm, in November 2015, was to influence United States and Ukrainian government policies for the benefit of Burisma and its exiled owner.

This memorandum was referenced by Tucker Carlson the night of the NY Post story on Biden’s laptop.

The email comes 11 months after the UK Court had released $23 million in funds held at a bank account in London.  After a three-day court hearing in December 2014, on January 21, 2015, the UK Court ordered the funds released, and Burisma had the money transferred to a Cyprus bank account.

But Burisman’s owner, Ukraine oligarch Nikolay Zlochevskyi remained in exile in Russia, fearing his arrest and prosecution by the government of Petr Petroshenko who had become President in June 2014 following the Orange Revolution earlier that year which had been supported by the Obama Administration.

Yesterday the FBI sent a letter to Congress stating that it had nothing to add to the statement issued by DNI John Ratcliffe earlier in the week that the issue of Hunter Biden’s laptop, and the material found on it, was not the result of a Russian intelligence/disinformation operation.  No one on behalf of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, or the Biden Campaign has made a definitive denial as to the authenticity of the contents of the laptop that have been made public.

So that this point there is no basis to suspect that the email communications found in the memory of the laptop are not authentic.

In the days ahead of Burisma and Blue Star Strategies entering into their contract, Pozharskyi wrote his November 2, 2015, email to Archer and Biden “Re: Revised Burisma Proposal, Contract and Invoice.”  Here is the document:

Blue Star Strategies, a Washington DC PR firm headed by two Clinton Administration officials – including Karen Tramontano, who was Deputy White House Chief of Staff in the Clinton Administration – to help with its Ukraine problems.  Blue Start Strategies coordinated its efforts in that regard with John Buretta, an attorney in New York with Cravath, Swaine & Moore, who had assisted Burisma’s UK attorneys in getting the $23 million released.

Joe Biden’s visited Ukraine on December 7, 2015, a Monday.  On December 2, the Thursday before he departed, Tramontano participated in a conference call among Obama Administration officials finalizing the agenda for Biden’s visit to Ukraine coming up in just four days, and the policy issues that were going to be addressed there.

Burisma’s interest could not be more plainly stated.  Burisma wanted to have a “list of deliverables” agreed upon, but understood why it might be problematic to put those in a contract agreement with “BS” — Blue Star.

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