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It’s for some reason no longer scandalous or outrageous that an unreconstructed lickspittle of the Soviet Union – namely, Vermont’s self-avowed socialist senator Bernie Sanders – actually purports to put himself out publicly as a candidate for leader of the free world. We’ll never get past the insult, and we hope our readers will not either.

Sanders just announced he’s running for president again, and once again as a Democrat…

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is giving it another go, launching a second campaign for the White House four years after surprising Democrats with a strong bid for the party’s 2016 nomination.

“We began the political revolution in the 2016 campaign, and now it’s time to move that revolution forward,” the independent senator told Vermont Public Radio in an interview airing Tuesday morning.

But this 2020 bid will undoubtedly be a very different presidential campaign than his quest for the Democratic nomination as an underdog in 2016. Sanders enters the race as a top contender who, along with former Vice President Joe Biden, tops most early polls, far outpacing other Democratic candidates in support and name identification.

It’s a sharp contrast from when Sanders seemingly came out of nowhere to surprise the political class — and at times himself — by winning several key primaries against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Buoyed by a big early win in New Hampshire, Sanders fought Clinton for the Democratic nomination through the final June contests, drawing tens of thousands of supporters to rallies in the process.

In the years since his loss to Clinton, Sanders has remained a national leader of the Democratic Party, though he still refuses to join.

If that last sentence makes no sense to you, welcome to the club. This is something we’ve been perplexed by for years – how is it that Bernie Sanders is allowed to run for president as a Democrat without maintaining membership in that party? He hadn’t been a registered Democrat until he decided to seek the party’s nomination in the 2016 election cycle, and as soon as he lost the nomination to Hillary Clinton he re-registered as an “independent.” As in, literally the day after the Democratic National Convention ended in 2016, Sanders changed his registration from Democrat to independent.

And now he’s going to run as a Democrat, again, and somehow this is regarded as normal.

Four years ago there was a great hue and cry about how Sanders somehow had the nomination “stolen” from him by Clinton by use of superdelegates and a “rigged” primary. Which we never could understand, given that Bernie Sanders has never done a single thing for the Democrat Party. He didn’t raise it any money, he’s never carried legislation for it, he’d never helped it to register voters unless he did a bit of that in the 2016 primary solely for his own purposes.

Incidentally, it wasn’t the “rigged” primary which cost him the Democrats’ nomination in 2016. It was his own political cowardice. If Sanders had the necessary stones to be president he would have seized upon Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private e-mail server while Secretary of State and pulled at that thread to expose her as a one-woman graft and corruption factory unworthy of the White House. Sanders had an opportunity to destroy Clinton and make himself a viable presidential candidate but meekly demurred like the loser he is, and when Democrat voters saw that he lacked the courage to fight Clinton they cooled on him. Sanders and his idiot supporters instead concocted a scenario in which it was the party’s leadership rather than his own incompetence and timidity which denied him.

Exactly what is it the Democrats owed this interloper?

And frankly, what is it the Democrats owe him now?

Does anyone think Bernie Sanders is good for the Democrat Party?

Sanders’ policy proposals – tuition-free college, a $15 minimum wage, single-payer socialized medicine and the Green New Deal, or some variant of it – are the surest way for the Democrats not only to lose the 2020 election to Donald Trump but to be routed out of their majority in the House. The Democrats’ leadership, which is about as Hard Left as you can get and still be representative of a mainstream political party in this country, is busily trying to tamp down Sanders’ acolytes like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, who are scaring the bejesus out of moderates and centrists along with conservatives with radical and highly uninformed proposals and rhetoric. Bringing the source of their stupidity into the fold as the potential leader of their party hardly portends a prosperous future for the Democrats and they know it.

They’re certain to “screw him over” again, and he deserves it.

As loathsome as today’s Democrat Party might be, few of the hacks running it were open cheerleaders for the Soviet Union and its platform of murder, starvation, oppression and lies as Sanders was – he honeymooned in the USSR, for Pete’s sake, and kept a Soviet flag in his office as mayor of Burlington, Vermont while the Cold War was going on. And when that Evil Empire finally fell Sanders shifted his allegiance to first Cuba and then Venezuela, which he touted as a model for America’s future.

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