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California businesses are leaving the Golden State at a record-setting pace[on target to be five times the record set in 2009.] And here goes another one!

The latest company to split, number #129,  is a rather surprising and damning testimony to the lack of faith in Democrat governor Jerry Brown’s leadership:  Silicon Valley stalwart Scott McNealy, founder of Sun Microsystems,  is starting up ……in…. Colorado:

Sun Microsystems co-founder and ex-CEO Scott McNealy has a new startup, WayIn LLC. Silicon Valley Biz Blog reported that:

”Thanks to [McNealy’s] Twitter feed, we know the company [will] be headquartered in Colorado. Wait, what? Colorado? What happened to Silicon Valley?” McNealy “explained his reasoning, tweeting a Top 10 Reasons it’s Better to do a Startup in Colorado than California:

10. Rocky Mountain powder beats Tahoe bunny slopes.
9. 11% income tax in CA vs. a 4.63% flat rate in CO
8. CO is a safer distance from Sacramento (but it is closer to DC…)
7. $1.5 million buys a dump in Silicon Valley, a ranch in CO.
6. In CO, the water is from CO. In CA, the water is from CO.
5. In CO, a traffic jam still moves, but the earth does not.
4. From CO, the redeye to New York is only half as bad.
3. In CO, I can hit my drives 300+ yards again
2. LoDo, CO has better views than Mountain View, CA [LoDo stands for Denver’s Lower Downtown]
1. WayIn is HQ’d in CO, home of our CEO @TomJessiman and a great team.”

Obviously, he’s not being entirely serious with this list, but there’s some legitimate gripes in there as well.” Source: Silicon Valley BizBlog June 16, 2011 story, “Sun founder Scott McNealy shuns Silicon Valley for startup.”


“WayIn is not alone in avoiding CA. Sacramento, are you listening?

“Cost of living in CA just got higher. Congrats to Sacramento for keeping the dream alive…somewhere else.

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