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Thread via Dave Reaboi:

Should go without saying that Canada is more troubling for us than a faraway Slavic conflict because the mechanisms of tyranny used in Canada are the same as ours. Not only is the government/corporate alliance the same, the rhetoric and rationale is the same.
“But the Canadian government is accountable to the voters!”
Shut up, you pussy. The public/private ideological cartel bent on punishing the enemies of the regime—ordinary Americans or Canadians—doesn’t get voted out. Your vote means shit now.
When you go to the polls and, by some fluke, elect an opponent of the ideological cartel, the government and corporate world expunge and destroy him. Even, as we’ve seen, the people charged with our national security. The whole edifice of modern liberal democracy is a sham.
BTW: if this thread makes no sense to you, you’ve got no idea how “liberal democracy” works today in practice. You are reading the manual of a Ford Model T for clues about running a new Lexus. Dangerously clueless.

Tech and consolidation have made it impossible to live a normal life free from the political and social decisions the ideological cartel has made for you.
The alliance between massive private companies and the government brooks no dissent. Now your Bill of Rights is just paper.
You will be depersoned, debanked, denied chance to make a living, and more. All of these decisions will be made for political reasons—because you are an enemy—and there will be (is) enough distance bet government edict and private industry to provide a fig-leaf for the tyranny.
It is THIS dynamic that’s frightening to us, you miserable, soulless, idiots. THIS is what we see coming.
Meanwhile, you’re jerking yourselves off under the illusion that the US is in any kind of position—morally, financially or militarily—to affect something in Ukraine.


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