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by Ace

The FBI officials who lied to FaceBook and claimed the laptop which they knew for a fact was 100% genuine was rather “Russian disinformation” just happened to be hard Democrat partisans.
Will wonders never cease.
No seriously, will they never cease? I need them to cease, because I’m becoming extremely angry about all these “wonders” the lawless gangster organization the FBI is providing.
The amounts of money are small, but indicate their strong partisan leanings.

Both FBI officials who briefed Facebook before the social media giant opted to censor The Post’s initial reporting on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop made small-dollar donations to Democrats during the 2020 election cycle, according to campaign finance records and court filings.An amended complaint released Monday by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s office says Laura Dehmlow, the section chief of the bureau’s Foreign Influence Task Force, and Elvis Chan, who manages the cyber branch of the FBI’s San Francisco field office, were “involved in the communications between the FBI and Meta that led to Facebook’s suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story.”
Federal Election Commission records show that Dehmlow and Chan donated a total of $160 to Democrats in 2020. Chan contributed $50 each to Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock for their Georgia Senate runoff campaigns in November of that year, while Dehmlow gave the Democratic National Committee $60 in $10 increments between March 30 and August 30.

I presume these people do not live in Georgia, so they were donating to out-of-state candidates whose records they barely knew for one reason: Because control of the Senate was in play and they wanted Democrats of any kind to control the Senate, period.
And also, these are very, very leftwing Democrats.

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