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Who wants to go to school to be intimidated by Benetton Nazis?

John Sexton notes that even though the New York Times mostly plays Mizzou’s catastrophe straight, they can’t help themselves from, get this, getting very vague and imprecise about some of the thuggeries committed by their fellow travelers.

The Times’ account of what happened at Mizzou is fairly good, though the description of one of the student grievances was a bit anodyne. “This was followed by the failure of the university president, Timothy M. Wolfe, to get out of his car to speak with demonstrators during the homecoming parade in October, drawing accusations of indifference,” the Times reports.

Actually, what happened was that a group of about a dozen black students got in front of the car carrying Mr. Wolfe through the parade and began hectoring him and the audience with a bullhorn. When the car tried to slowly move around the protesters, Jonathan Butler put his rear end on the hood. Thereafter, Butler claimed a protester had been hit by a car.

Meanwhile, the National Laughingstock (don’t click, I’ll give you the good stuff) does some journ0lismisting of its own:

The new culture war targeting American universities appears to be working By Philip Bump

This is an article showing rapidly-declining approval ratings for colleges by Republicans, which Phillip Bump does not ascribe to colleges becoming Benetton Nazi Party freak-shows and show-trials, but rather to a contrived “culture war” “targeting” universities.

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