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President Joe Biden’s crushing, record-high inflation continues to put everyday Americans in a tough spot, financially. With winter approaching and shortages of diesel and other critical fuels on Biden’s watch, millions of Americans will undoubtedly have a rough and scary winter ahead. People will die.
However, what’s not being talked about nearly enough is the most vulnerable group among us — senior citizens. Millions of seniors live on strict monthly budgets, and one can only imagine how difficult it must be to afford the necessities — simple things like food and utilities — on Biden’s watch.
It’s getting so bad in Biden’s America that many seniors are being forced to consider roommate and home-sharing situations to keep from ultimately going under and losing everything.
Rodney Harrell, AARP’s vice president for Family, Home, and Community, told The Hill that U.S. seniors have several pressing concerns, especially as they determine how to keep their homes and live off their dwindling 401Ks while Democrats continue to wreck the U.S. economy.
“People are increasingly in life transitions that often mean they have less income, but their housing prices are going up. And that’s not a good combination,” Harrell said.
Harrell explained that a majority of seniors prefer to age in place. In other words, they want to spend as much time in their own homes as possible, and one can’t blame them, as it’s one of the last simple comforts in life to spend your final years where you feel happiest and safest.
But under Biden, those senior citizens face daunting odds of being able to live out their lives as they so choose. Interest rates have skyrocketed as the Federal Reserve continues its assault on lending in an attempt to quell inflation (it’s not working, by the way).
That means seniors who make the tough decision to sell their homes to live as comfortably as they can no longer even have that option because, under Biden, prospective home buyers no longer have the home-buying power they had as little as two years ago.
Interest rates are pegging the 7% mark, and they will likely continue to rise. As a result, the home-buying market is experiencing record-setting dips over the past few months that should frighten everyone, and the pain will likely last well into next year, causing unforetold issues down the road.
Seniors who are open to renting in a last-ditch effort to retain their God-given freedom can’t even do that, thanks to Biden and the Democrats’ outrageous spending and policies that got us into this predicament. Rent costs have spiked to insane levels across the country.
From The Hill:

Older adults are facing uncertainty amid major life changes, and like millions of others, they are again looking for roommates to split costs.
Rents grew by nearly 25 percent from pre-pandemic levels, and experts forecasted in late September that rents will outpace inflation, stocks and home values over the next 12 months.
This rent spike is partly driven by the Federal Reserve’s efforts to stanch inflation, which has led to several rate hikes in recent months. These hikes have trickled down into the housing market pushing mortgage rates to 20-year highs and pushing potential homebuyers back into the rental market.

Michele Higgs, community outreach coordinator for the Housing Partnership Initiative in Montgomery County, Md., explained to The Hill that as a result of this disaster, seniors have the option of joining home-sharing groups that find tenants looking to rent available rooms in their homes to bring in some extra income.
“The thing is, is this is something that can help you because the process is designed to help seniors age in place, number one, help to reduce isolation, and help them to get a little extra income. And so, when it’s presented that way, then it looks appealing,” Higgs said.
“So, the home sharing program is attractive because you have somebody who’s contributing to the household income. It makes it possible for people to pay their property taxes and not find themselves essentially priced out of the house they are aging in,” Higgs continued.
But let’s be honest — nobody wants random strangers living in their homes. Nobody wants a roommate at 75 years old. What an absolute joke.
Under former President Donald Trump, senior citizens weren’t forced to rent out their closets to make a few extra bucks needed to pay the bills. They weren’t forced to lease a cockroach-infested apartment with a 22-year-old punk just to avoid being stuffed away in a state-run nursing home.

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