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by Sundance

Much has been made today surrounding a Senate hearing where Attorney General Merrick Garland was grilled about a host of issues highlighting the political weaponization of the DOJ.  Many ‘right side’ articles are noting Garland came across as weak, unsteady and nervous as he attempted to obfuscate specific examples and larger points of criticism.
Unfortunately, almost everyone is missing something. AG Merrick Garland has a control operative behind him.  That person is the uber political Deputy AG Lisa Monaco. AG Garland isn’t the one calling the shots on these specific examples being cited, DAG Monaco is.   Watch this questioning from the perspective that Monaco, not Garland, is the one calling the shots on the weaponization specifics. WATCH:

The Washington Post article being cited by Hawley is HERE.  In the article excerpt below, insert the name “Monaco” to replace the word “prosecutors” and everything else makes sense, including the stumbling ineptitude of Garland – who was installed specifically because he was, like Biden, a controllable puppet.

[…] Prosecutors argued that new evidence suggested Trump was knowingly concealing secret documents at his Palm Beach, Fla., home and urged the FBI to conduct a surprise raid at the property. But two senior FBI officials who would be in charge of leading the search resisted the plan as too combative and proposed instead to seek Trump’s permission to search his property, according to the four people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe a sensitive investigation.
Prosecutors ultimately prevailed in that dispute, one of several previously unreported clashes in a tense tug of war between two arms of the Justice Department over how aggressively to pursue a criminal investigation of a former president. The FBI conducted an unprecedented raid on Aug. 8, recovering more than 100 classified items, among them a document describing a foreign government’s military defenses, including its nuclear capabilities. (read more)

It is frustrating to see most punditry miss the importance of the people who operate as shadows in control.  In a similar way that most avoid noticing the importance of Mary McCord in the operations to remove President Trump, Lisa Monaco operates in the background of current Main Justice events and yet no one is paying attention.
When Chicago Jesus was carrying out his ‘fundamental change’ agenda, it was the women around him who spearheaded the operations and held the most steadfast loyalty.  Susan Rice, Lisa Monaco, Kathleen Ruemmler, Samantha Power, Sally Yates and Mary McCord were all key figures in the systems as they were created and weaponized. Those loyal guardians of the agenda are still around, Lisa Monaco specifically as Deputy Attorney General, yet few pay attention to them.
Current Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco was Barack Obama’s former homeland security advisor and former legal counsel in the White House.  Monaco was the tip of the spear in using political activism under the guise of ‘homeland security’ to target political opposition.  That type of political targeting is her specialty.  Lisa Monaco is now the Deputy Attorney General of the United States.
As a direct result of her skill-set in combination with her current position, it is a guarantee that Deputy AG Lisa Monaco authored the DOJ targeting memorandum that AG Merrick Garland eventually signed and sent to the FBI that became explosive around the issue of the FBI targeting parents at school board meetings. Again, weaponizing internal political targeting under the guise of homeland security concerns is what Monaco is specifically famous for doing.
You might remember, even before becoming President Obama’s key Homeland Security Adviser, Lisa Monaco was the head of the DOJ National Security Division. You might also remember the DOJ-NSD was at the center of the “small group” collaboration between DOJ-NSD and FBI Counterintelligence unit.  Remember, it was the DOJ-NSD (via Sally Yates) who would not allow OIG Oversight.  (John Carlin quit; Mary McCord quit; David Laufman quit, all to protect themselves from incoming Trump)
During the 2015/2016 presidential election Lisa Monaco was one of the key WH figures doing the unmasking of raw intelligence provided by the “small group” collaborators (with Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Ben Rhodes).  Remember all the unmasking from the user account of Samantha Power?  Yeah, that datapoint disappeared with Power just saying, “it wasn’t me.”
Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco was also one of the key policy strategists, heck, she was the architect, who utilized the compartmentalization of intelligence to hide the fingerprints of collaboration. This was the issue that initially stymied HSPCI Devin Nunes.

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