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Via Newsbusters, after yesterday’s unpleasantness and the Halbig “speak-o” fiasco of a few months ago, I see Democrats (plus independents in name only like King) have finally reached the “Jon who?” stage of their Gruber problem.

This is the game we’re playing now, eh?

KILMEADE: They just lied about a health plan to the American people, called the stupidity of the American voter and bragged about the lack of transparency.

KING: This is one guy. I don’t know who this guy was. All I know is that it’s important for people to have health insurance. And if you guys are saying people shouldn’t have health insurance, I don’t know where you’re coming from.

GUILFOYLE: That’s not what we’re saying, sir.

KING: Are you that cruel?

“All I know is that it’s important for people to have health insurance.” That’s consistent, at least, with the ends-justifies-the-means Democratic M.O. that’s defined Obama’s presidency, particularly its second half. Want to bomb Qaddafi in Libya and ISIS in Syria but not have to wrestle with Congress over an AUMF? Just skip it and send in the jets; all I know is that intervention is important. Want to get ObamaCare started on schedule in 2013 but worried that midterm voters will react badly to the employer mandate? Just suspend implementation of the mandate, even though it’s statutorily required. All I know is that it’s important that the law succeed politically. Want to amnestize five million illegals but can’t get Congress to make a comprehensive immigration deal? Just do it by executive order, separation of powers be damned.

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